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HR Strategy Responding to a Union Organizing Drive- HRM Assignment Help

HR Strategy Responding to a Union Organizing Drive- HRM Assignment Help

Assessment Description

Below are 4 scenarios. The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with real world exposureto the functions performed by labor relations.  This assignment is worth 150 points; see rubric below.
For each of the four scenarios here, you are the HR manager and you need to
1.Outline your various alternatives in responding to the union organizing drive.
2.Develop and support a specific recommended course of action to present to upper management.
Acme Auto Parts is a small nonunion manufacturer of auto parts located in a small town in the South. The work is repetitive and routine. There are no particular skill or educational requirements for the production employees. Acme sells nearly all its parts to the Big Three automakers (Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler) according to the specifications they provide. The highly unionized Big Three have largely outsourced the manufacturing of parts. Many of their traditional parts suppliers have closed their unionized operations in Michigan and opened nonunion plants in the South and in Mexico. The Big Three, however, continue to face competitive cost pressures from the Japanese car companies and therefore are continually trying to wring cost concessions from their suppliers.
The parts workers at various companies that are still represented by the United Auto Workers (UAW) face demands for concessions during every contract negotiation. The UAW is therefore trying to organize the nonunion parts factories. You have seen UAW organizers in town trying to contact Acme workers for the past few weeks. This morning you overheard two workers talking about the UAW…………….

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