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Understanding Contemporary Human Resource Development Assignment Help

Understanding Contemporary Human Resource Development Assignment Help

CIPD Candidate Assessment Activity

Title of unit/s


Understanding Contemporary Human Resource Development
Unit No/s




Credit value


Assessment method


Written hand-out
Learning outcomes:


1      Understand different approaches to human resource development (HRD).

2      Understand the role and contribution of HRD to the organisation.

3      Understand key contemporary developments in HRD practice.

Assessment brief/activity


You have been asked to contribute to a seminar for trainee HRD Managers on the subject of ‘Contemporary HRD’.  Seminar delegates have submitted questions, in advance (see below 1-6), which they would like you to cover at the seminar and you have decided to structure your contribution around these questions.

In preparation for the seminar, prepare a written paper (‘hand-out’), in a format of your choice, which can be distributed to delegates and which addresses all of their advance questions.

Delegate advance questions:

1.     What is HRD, and how can it help organisations to achieve their objectives?

2.     How is HRD implemented differently in different organisations?

3.     How can HRD contribute to the development of different employee groups? (Please give examples.)

4.     What are some of the key contemporary debates surrounding HRD?

5.     What are key current national approaches to vocational education and training (VET) and how have these impacted on HRD in organisations?

6.     How has/is HRD changing as a result of:

–        ICT (including social media)?

–        Globalisation and cultural diversity?

Assessment Criteria


1.1, 2.1







Evidence to be produced/required


A written paper/hand-out equating to approximately 3000 words in total.

All reference sources should be acknowledged correctly and a bibliography provided where appropriate (these should be excluded from the word count).

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