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BSBLDR502 – Lead and manage effective workplace relationships-Task4

BSBLDR502 – Lead and manage effective workplace relationships- Task 4


BSBLDR502 – Lead and Manage Effective Workplace Relationships


BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management



Please ensure this form is fully completed prior to submitting.

This page should be on the front of your assessment and needs to be easily accessible.


Student Number:
Student Name:


I hereby certify that:

  1. This assessment task is my own work based on my personal study/research and not the work of another student and/or source.
  2. I have acknowledged all material and sources used to prepare this assessment task.
  3. I have not plagiarised or copied any part of this assessment task from the work of any other student or source either.
  4. This assessment task has not previously been submitted.
  5. I am aware of the requirements set by my Trainer & Assessor.
  6. I have retained a copy of this assessment task for my own records.
  7. I have completed all my assessments, tasks & activities (on moodle®) successfully.

Student’s Signature: _______________________________  Date: _________________

Wentworth Institute RTO Code: 91178        November 2017 Version: 1.0



Student instructions

This assessment must be based on where you work (or have worked most recently).

This Assessment is designed to test the knowledge that you have acquired throughout the unit. Use the following tips to help you answer the questions:

Read each question carefully. Check with your trainer or assessor if you are not sure what the question is asking.

HINT: Use these questions as subheadings to create a business style report to answer your assessment

Your response to each question should aim to provide enough information to answer the question. In most cases, this can be done with just a few paragraphs. Don’t forget to refer to attachments under the heading (question) applicable, e.g. ‘See attached email’.

Important: Your assessment must contain this coversheet and your own coversheet (for your “report”)

Your answers & assessment submission must professional in style (Business), content and format. Maximum font size 11 points: Font Arial or Times New Roman; single spacing; clear paragraphswith appropriate punctuation, spellchecking and final submission will need to be proof-read. (i.e. few missing words or typo’s)

In particular:

– Use clear, non-discriminatory language

– Avoid the use of jargon

– Write clearly using plain English

– Consider your target audience

– Ensure that your responses meet the needs of the target audience (in this case your trainer or assessor).

All of your work must be original.

Performance Evidence


Evidence of the ability to:

  • develop and/or implement processes to manage ideas and information including:
    • communicating information to support others to achieve work responsibilities
    • facilitating employees’ contributions to consultation on work issues
    • providing feedback on the outcomes of consultations
    • resolution of issues raised or referral to relevant personnel
  • establish and/or implement policies to ensure that the organisation’s cultural diversity and ethical values are adhered to
  • provide leadership through own behaviour including:
    • professional conduct that promotes trust with internal and external contacts
    • adjusting own interpersonal communication style to meet the organisation’s cultural diversity and ethical environment
  • plan for, and manage, the use of networks to support identifiable outcomes for the team and the organisation
  • develop and/or implement processes and systems to manage difficulties including:
    • identifying and resolving conflicts and other difficulties according to organisational policies and procedures
    • planning how to address difficulties
    • providing guidance, counselling and support to assist co-workers in resolving their work difficulties.

Note: If a specific volume or frequency is not stated, then evidence must be provided at least once.

Knowledge Evidence


To complete the unit requirements safely and effectively, the individual must:

  • explain how systems, policies and procedures can support the development of effective work relationships focusing on interpersonal styles, communications, consultation, cultural and social sensitivity, networking and conflict resolution
  • outline legislation relevant to managing effective workplace relationships.


Marking and Criteria guide:

Assessor and student must read this carefully before assessment.

A 75% demonstrated competence in the answers is the benchmark only and students & assessors must note that professionally critical aspects/concepts must be included (e.g. good written syntax grammar/ business style, action plan, excellent communications skills)

All parts (criteria) in the marking guide must be completed successfully for the student to achieve competence in this unit

EDUCATOR to complete

Observation/assessmentSatisfactory/ Not Yet  Satisfactory(If resubmission required)

Satisfactory/ Not Yet  Satisfactory

Pre-assessment work completed
Assessment 1, Assessment 2, Assessment 3, Final Assessment, tasks & activities (on Moodle®) successfully   
Third Party Report
Third Party report Handed In (in person)   
PART A –Summary
·         A summary of your report and what you will be submitting in the following pages (min 60 words)
·         The top-line findings ( min 5 bullet points)
·         The types of information you will need to gather for the owner to make the final decision. (4 types, 45 words each)
PART B- A 360 Degrees Analysis (about you!)
·         A brief knowledge about your vision, mission, values, objectives, targets, plans, qualifications, expertise, experiences. (30 words each)
·         SWOT Analysis
·         Workmate – including chosen person with the criteria(60 words)
PART C –Main Body
·         Action plan for workplace buddy
·         Communication with workplace buddy
·         Demonstrated professional behaviour with  your workmate buddy
·         Resolved workplace and buddy issues and difficulties
·         Developed an action plan to manage conflict action plan with workplace buddy
PART D–Policies & Procedures
·         Policies of your organisation’s cultural diversity identified
·         Polices to ensure conflict is identified and managed included
Part E – Review the buddy project
A summary of 4 things went well and 4 thing could be improved



Practical Checklist

Assessor to complete:(circle)

Did you observe the student?YesNo

Did the student create a SWOT analysis?YesNo

Did the student review the buddy project?YesNo

Further comments required

Assessor Comments





Resubmission required? Yes_________ No___________

Date resubmission must be handed in:  ________________________

Assessor’s name and signature:  _______________________________

Date:  _________________________





Based on your workplace the owner/manager has decided to improve the quality of your workplace relationships and raise sense of satisfaction amongst the staff by implementing a workmate buddy project by the end of next quarter.

You are requiredto look around and find a suitable workmate buddy in your workplace for a quarter of the year.

The goals are:

  • Assisting and openly communicating with each other
  • Sharing knowledge and skills
  • Developing and maintaining internal and external workplace relationship networks
  • Raisingissues and seeking for constructive and positive communication to eventually resolve conflicts (conflict management)
  • Improving work performance in accordance to KPIs etc.

Your owner/manager hasrequested you to provide a report about the workmate buddy project by the end of the quarter.


Please carefully read each question and provide your report below;

Below are the details that must be included in the report:



Part A


  • A summary of your report and what you will be submitting in the following pages (Word count: 60 words)
  • The top-line findings (4 bullet points)
  • The types of information you will need to gather for the manager to make the final decision. (including a summary explanation why each piece of information is necessary, 45 words each – at least 4 types of information)

Part B

A 360 Degree Analysis (about you)

  1. A brief knowledge about yourvision, mission, values, objectives, targets,plans, qualifications, expertise, experiences. (30 words each)
  2. A brief analysis of yourself using SWOT analysis.(SWOT chart required)
  3. Peer (your workmate) analysis – including your chosen person andthe criteria – what do you think your peer thinks of you? (Word count: 60 words)

Part C

Main part

  1. Discuss how you developed and implemented your ongoing plan to build strong workplace relationships amongst thestaff andhow did you find your workmate buddy?(Action plan required)
  1. Describe the area that you would like your buddy to focus on? (e.g. management, accounts, sales, operation)
  1. Explain what facilities are in place in your organisation so that all staff can easily and openly communicate with each other; also, explain how you communicate toyour workmate buddy to ensure they are the best and suitable for you?
  1. Explain how you professionally treat and behave with your workmate buddy and what are your expectations as to how you wish to be treated, supported and how you will assist each other?
  1. Discuss how you developed and/or implemented strategies about how you and/or your buddy raised issues, communication andconstructive support inresolving work difficulties.(Action planrequired)
  1. Demonstrate how you and your workmate buddy developed and implemented an action plan to manage conflicts (Action plan required).

Part D

Policies and Procedures

  1. Include one of your organisation’s cultural diversitypoliciesto ensure organisation’s cultural diversity and an ethical value is adhered to.
  2. Include one of the policies to ensure conflict is identified and managed

Note: If you have none of the above, you must create it.

Part E

Review the buddy project

  1. (60 words)
  2. 4 things that went well.
  3. 4 things that could be improved.

Extra instructions: Your report must be at least 5 pages and approximately 1000 word count. Your report will include any necessary tables, diagrams or pictures to support your findings or hypothesis’ on the managing of communication and difficulties. Be sure to include your bibliography – Author, Year of Publication, Title of Article, Name of Publication (or website address), and page number (if it’s a book or PDF)

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