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BSBHRM513 Manage Workforce Planning Task 2

BSBHRM513 Manage Workforce Planning Task 2

Performance objective:

In this task you need to demonstrate skills and knowledge necessary to implement initiatives to support workforce planning.

Assessment description:

Using the workforce planning report you developed in Assessment Task 1, you will develop a staffing action plan to implement long-term strategies. You will then partially implement the communication strategy developed in Assessment Task 1 to support workforce planning objectives and facilitate organisational change.

 Assessment Questions:

  1. Review the JKL simulated business documents provided by your assessor and the scenario below.
You are an HR consultant contracted by JKL to review workforce planning, implement activities to manage workforce planning, and evaluate workforce planning effectiveness.

The broad recommendations proposed in your report to JKL management have been accepted in principle. You now need to plan the implementation of your proposed strategies over the current financial year, 2014–15.

You will implement part of your communication plan by presenting and explaining your implementation plan to senior management to gain their acceptance and support.

It is now the beginning of Quarter 2 FY 2014–15. You will need to plan and schedule activities to implement your management strategies for workforce planning over the next six months.

  1. Review the staffing information in Appendix 1 for FY 2014–15.
  2. Applying strategies developed in Assessment Task 1 (and documented in a report, communication strategy and contingency plan) and using the template provided in Appendix 2, prepare a staffing plan for FY 2014–15.
    1. Ensure your plan includes implementation of strategies for:
      1. recruitment and sourcing skilled labour
      2. retention of skilled labour
  • promoting diversity
  1. succession planning
  2. Ensuring the workplace exemplifies and is promoted as an Employer of Choice.

Note: Your staffing plan will need to be more detailed and specific than your description of overall strategies in your report in Assessment Task 1. For example, if your overall, long-term retention strategies include promotion from within, you will need to show how this will be implemented in the current period to meet staffing needs, specify who will be responsible, what resources may be required, dates, specific actions to promote long-term strategies and reduce risk. To demonstrate your ability to apply general and longer-term strategies and objectives to current operational problems, your staffing action plan should be broadly consistent with the strategies you developed in Assessment Task 1.

  1. Plan to deliver a presentation to senior management to explain and gain support for your workforce planning and your completed staffing action plan. Ensure your presentation:
    1. exemplifies strategies to win support and overcome resistance to change from managers
    2. outlines approaches to overcoming resistance to change and managing change so that managers may use these in turn among their own staff
    3. explains the need for workforce planning with respect to:
      1. external labour supply and characteristics
      2. specific present and future needs of the organisation for skilled labour
    4. Explains staffing action plan and specific application of broad, longer-term strategies in the current period.
  2. Arrange with your assessor to deliver your presentation.
  3. Deliver your presentation and:
    1. use effective communication skills to build support from senior management
    2. Be prepared to answer questions and defend your workforce planning, staffing action plan and associated strategies.
  4. Submit all documentation as per specifications below. Please keep copies for your records.

Note: For Assessment Task 3, you will need to refer to work submitted for this assessment task.

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