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ZARA Case Study Solution- Consumer Behavior Research for ZARA

Chapter 4 Data Presentation, Explanation and Analysis

The first set of graphical representation belongs to the customer survey.


The first question seeks to investigate a basic recognition of the brand by customers.

The second question is designed to gather information about the general shopping experience.

zara case study 3


This question is included to gain insight about general customer service at a Zara store.

zara case study 4

The following question is related to perception of the product quality.

Zara case study 5


Question number five is about the brand image of the products. This question is linked to the first question as a means to understand if there is consistency of response if any.


Pricing is a serious factor in the middle-income group level of buyers whom Zara is specifically targeting.

zara case study 7

In retail business, customers often seek to return the purchased items due to problem with fitting or based on feedback from family or friends. The friendly return policy of many retailers are useful in gaining customer satisfaction.

zara case study 8

Zara is known to spend more on the products and stores rather than traditional mode of advertisement. This question is directed to customers to elicit their views and responses.

zara case study 9

The perception about Zara vis-à-vis their competitors can indicate brand preference.

zara case study 10

The segment in which Zara and H&M operate, price is a defining factor and a determinant of sale. Majority of responses are undecided but significant others feel Zara to be more affordable.

zara case study 11

The perception of quality between competitors might affect sales and revenue. Customer responses show that they feel Zara has better quality. It could be one of the reasons why they were shopping at Zara’s.

This question is linked to question number ten and six to recheck the customer’s views about pricing and its effect on their choices.

The thirteenth question is designed to gather information about purchasing decision based on brand.

zara case study 14

Zara is known for their 10000 + product launches per year. They have a strong design line to keep customers engaged and satisfied.

zara case study 15


The last question is the evidence of whether customers like Zara products enough to recommend them to others. Word of mouth publicity has the strongest impact for any brand retail or otherwise.

zara case study 16

The second set of graphical representation belongs to the employee survey.

zara case study 17

The above question tries to gauge the customer frequency at the store.

zara case study 18Question two aims to find the number of sales transactions irrespective of the value. The responses indicate that there are fewer than 50 transactions a day.

The above question is directed to understand of the employees have observed repeat customers at the store. This could indicate customer loyalty or brand preference.

The above question is linked to Zara’s promotional strategies and directly linked to the customer survey question on promotions.

zara case study 21Question five is developed to understand the simplicity of the store layout which can otherwise be a major deterrent for average buyers.

zara case study 22The sixth question is designed to gather if the store layout is comfortable based on employee interaction with customers or their non – verbal communication.

zara case study 23The seventh question is aimed at the product features which are critical in the retail garment industry.

The eight question is linked to question four regarding product promotions, communication and followed by action of customers.

zara case study 25The ninth question is about customer response to pricing of products as observed by employees.

The last question is about customer feedback as observed by employees which can be linked to the last question of the customer survey.


Conclusion to Data Collection

The compiled data has been presented in graphical format for ease of comprehension. In the next section, the results of the individual survey will be discussed followed by a cross examination of the results of both the surveys to find some common links.

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