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Training and Development for Enhancing Performances Of The Employees Of Mcdonald’s USA LIC

Background of the Study

Many potential candidates are available in market having good skills and caliber to do heavy tasks and take responsibilities.  However, researches have shown that these eligible candidates have not yet ready to perform immediate tasks or unable to perform the actual tasks of organizations efficiently and patiently. And as a result of this, many companies have started training and development programs in order to make these candidates ready for immediate tasks and perform for the betterment of organization. One of these organizations to start training program is McDonald’s. McDonald’s have achieved a tremendous success across the world. Many of its senior managers and leader have stated that they were able to have such exceptional success because of their trained employees who were ready to perform major tasks and responsibilities. It has been studied that McDonald’s make its employees to go through various sessions of training and development and also according to the various training magazine, it has been found that McDonald’s is one of the efficient companies that focuses on the training and development of its employees.

Aims and Objectives of the Research

The primary aim of this research is to evaluate whether the training of employee of McDonald’s create good impact on the overall performance of the organization or create a negative impact.  The primary focus is to study the impact of employee training of McDonald’s on the overall performance of organization.

Objectives of the Research

  • To study the performances of the employees of McDonald’s
  • To evaluate the effect of the training programs provided to the employees of McDonald’s on the overall performance of the organization.
  • To inspect the limitations of the training programs of McDonald’s provided to its employees.
  • To suggest some strategies or measures for minimizing the limitations of the training and development programs of McDonald’s.

Research Questions

  • How the employees of McDonald’s perform to achieve the daily targets of the organization?
  • What are the effects of the training programs upon the performances of the employees of McDonald’s?
  • What are limitations of the training programs offered by McDonald’s to its employees?
  • What are the suggested measures or strategies for minimizing the limitations of the training and development programs of McDonald’s?

Literature Review

Achievement of the goals or targets of any organization depends on the performance of employees. The more skills, satisfaction, training and appropriate facilities for employee, the more will be the success of organization. The primary objective of any organization must be to enhance the performance of the employees in order to have a remarkable success. Training and development programs make the employees to show that how they should use their skills, qualifications, knowledge and experiences for the betterment of the organization. It therefore, creates a way for employees to know about organization’s ultimate objectives and also help employees to achieve them. Generally, the activities of training and development programs are assigned or performed by department of human resource after the recruitment process but in actual it is not that much easy to apply because it involves number of tasks to be fulfilled. Firstly, the human resource departments have to analyze the objectives of the organization and the competence level of employees and compare the compatibility of both the factors. And then the human resource departments create a suitable pattern for the conduction of training and development program. It is the responsibility of human resource departments to check whether the training programs are working in a smooth manner and to look after the performance development of the employees. There are number of activities that comes under training and development program and the most important out of these activities are assessing needs, establishing objectives, supporting the operation and evaluating employee performance – these activities play a vital role in judging whether the particular employee is developing his or her skills as per the need of organization.


Quantitative research methodology has been used for fulfilling the current research as this methodology type helps the researcher to link the different theories and principles based on the topic of the research work. The research follows some objectives which is needed to be fulfilled for the appropriate conclusion of the topic. The research will further follow a positivism research approach. The research has been constructed using deductive approach and the datahas not been tailored under any circumstancesfor influencing the outcome of the research on the training and development programs. A survey has been conducted on 50 employees and 5 human resource managers of McDonald’s has been interviews to collect qualitative information or data regarding the impact of training and development programs in McDonald’s.

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