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Advertisements Over Cell Phone Networks: Is It a Successful Strategy

Background of the Study

Technology is advancing day-by-day. One of its major examples is the invention of smart phones or cell phones. It has ben estimated that by the year of 2014 approximately 38% of world’s population used smart phones which is now, in 2018 is estimated as 50%. The number of mobile phone users has been expected to pass the five billion mark by 2019. With this much ratio of mobile users, the market place has produced lot of changes in its strategies of selling products and reaching maximum number of customers. One of the best way to reach to the customer is marketing via mobile advertising. Mobile advertising has allowed customers to take decisions regarding their area of interest, choice and hobby. There has been fast development of mobile advertising in Asia and Europe.

By the year of 2008, businesses depending on mobile advertising have developed from $16 billion to $17 billion which has further expanded up to $ 23 Billion by 2009. The Push or force mode of advertising is considered to be the key segment for advertising and gaining the attraction of customer. Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) characterizes Push advertising as any substance sent by or for promoters and advertisers to a remote cell phone at once other than when the endorser demands it. The operations like short messaging services, e-mail, picture message etc. come under push messaging. Another way to advertise though cell phones is pull advertising where is focus is on pulling the customers rather than approaching to the customer. This strategy creates demand of product in the mind of customer and customer himself seek to the retailer which further helps in creating a factor of loyalty towards a particular brand.

Aims and Objectives of the Research

Mobile advertising give customers a customized data regarding their time, area and hobbies. So the advertising strategies should be planned accordingly. Time and area has adverse effect on the responsiveness of the advertisements. By knowing the precise description of client’s place or area, the advertisement message is forwarded with the help of GPS which has been centralized by all the companies following the same strategy. Sending the marketing message at the right time increases the chances of achievement of advertising crusade. Thus, advertisers should take the notice of client’s consideration while arranging a data for advertisement.

In conclusion, cell phone advertisement can be seen as a part of mobile trade in which the fundamental condition is to advertise on consent basis.

Research Questions

By keeping the end goals to achieve following questions can be raised:

  • In what capacity can the factors affecting association’s cell phone advertising selection be reproduced?
  • How can mobile advertising campaigns be portrayed?
  • How can mobile advertising structures be portrayed?

Literature Review

Many organizations are still working in the field of cell advertising to enhance the limitations of strategies and reach maximum number of customers, so one can say that cell advertising is still at its earlier stage of development. However, researches have shown that much more can be accomplished using cell phone because cell phone has become an integral part of people’s living. So this strategy can be utilized to reach customers and to gain knowledge of their needs.

While adopting the strategies including cell advertising, organizations will have to consider few elements such as advertising making techniques, administration cost and administration based location, social limitations etc. One thing that is guaranteed is that cell phone is much popular among youngsters. They are much more dependent on cell phone for SMS and internet services which is a major aspect of their way of life as cell phones help them to remain in contact with companions. As per Bosik, 2011 Obstructions takes place regarding the care, size and sound of cell phone, it is not suitable for stand-alone application rather it should be used to increase the vicinity of an organization into some another channel or organization which is dependent on mobile business which will give a qualitative result.


There is a minimum observational research methodology on cell phone advertising. In this report, I will be using explanatory way of methodology to cover the research questions. This will allow me to have comprehensive representation of this study. This study goes for analyzing how cell phone advertising is used in business marketing. I need to use subjective nature as subjective way to evaluate the study help me to pick a qualitative and comprehensive report on  how cell phone advertising help to have electronic marketing strategies.


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