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Benefits of Human Resources While Adapting Change In An Organization: Cadbury

1. Introduction

This report deals with the benefits of human resources and furthermore it focuses on the objectives and aims of the Research along with the hypothesis that will be discussed in this topic.

1.1.Aim of the Research Work

The aim of this research report is to work on the analysis of benefits that human resources are getting due to external and internal environment of the organization.

1.2. Objectives of the Research Work

The objectives of this research work are:

  • To analyze the in-depth role of human resource in building a strong work force for the benefit of organization by utilizing the case study of Cadbury.
  • To determine the contribution of human resources in maintaining a level of organizational culture.
  • To scrutinize the human resource strategies that organizations like Cadbury are adapting.


  • Employees cannot perform well with their full capacity without having a level of confidence among themselves.
  • It becomes a need for organizations to create a plan, design and strategize well before actually implementing the strategies of human resource.

2. Literature Review

2.1. Introduction

In this chapter literature review hassle been evaluated under following topics to discuss over the objectives of the research. The further topics are:

2.2 Team building

Team work is very important for any organization. According to Senge, 2014, if there is no coordination among the employees or no team spirit then it will surely affect the project on which the team is working. It has been said that working in a team makes an individual person to possess a great level of confidence as compared to a person working individually. According to Field, Ed 2014, team work allows peer members to make an individual person to understand about his or her own lacking which ultimately helps the person to gain his or her confidence and perform useful tasks. Team work therefore removes lacking of individuals and help to maintain a team spirit and a level of competence with other teams. Thus, Team work help in growing individual’s confidence that further allows the employee to build a good decision making process. Team work also helps to compare each employee of the team and compare their performances regarding the completion of any particular task.

2.3 Organizational Culture

It is the ultimate responsibility of human resource department to maintain organizational culture. Whenever, new employees are recruited , the human resource department look after the needs and comfort of the old employee and the new employees as well so that it doesn’t neither old employees face any problem with the presence of new employees nor the new employees face any problem due to old employees (Armstrong, and Taylor, 2014). Therefore, organizational culture is very important task or element for the human resource development which should not be disturbed.

2.4 Chapter Summary

This chapter deals with the elements that form necessary part for the working of human resource departments. The theories of this chapter also focus on the issues faced by individual employees and the employees in team or a group. The working of employees in a team makes them more confident and focused towards the objectives of organization.

 3.Research Methodology

3.1 Research Design

According survey design has been used for this repot which is very expensive in itself. The survey which is used to gather useful information is descriptive survey that further helps the researcher to gain complete knowledge. The collected information is based on the hypothesis and the research model.

3.2 Research Philosophy

The researcher has mainly focused on the positive part of the study where changes have been brought due to human resources in the organization. According to Patel, Messersmith, and Lepak, 2013, the change in organization like Cadbury hasbrought positive changes in the sense of new upbringing of organization.

3.3 Data Collection Method

The data is collected for this research with the help of survey where the survey conducted is in the form of questionnaire. The major tools used in this research are interview and questionnaire. The data collected is in the structured form.

3.4 Sample Size

The data is collected with the help of cluster sampling which mainly focuses on the feedback from the side of employees who have experienced changes in the organization. All the employees of Cadbury come under the sampling procedure for this research.

3.5 Research Ethics

According to Rummler, and Brache, 2012, researchers should follow the research ethics so that no problem takes place while gathering information for the research topic.

3.6 Limitations

While there has been the gain of tremendous success but there are some constraint posts which the researcher has passed through:

  • It was discussed in the hypothesis section that employees’ confidence brings betterment in the performance of organization and that was established.
  • Significant organizational changes help to enhance the performance of employees.
  • Performance of employees and the changes taking place in the organization – both factors are interlinked to each other.
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