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Impact of Ecommerce on Sales in the Retailer Industry

With the advancement of internet, retail professions have now started shifting towards ecommerce. Increase in consumer demands and the rise in the level of competition among the companies has made it mandatory for the retail business to stop their brick and mortar stores and produce their presence online (Power, 2013). Hence, the impression of e-commerce has risen in the cyber space. There is great effect of ecommerce on sales in the retail businesses (Tkacz, 2009). This dissertation is all about to analyze Amazon UK and study the impact of ecommerce on sales of retails.

Research Objectives/Aims

The research objectives are as follows:

  1. To study the impact of ecommerce on sales of the retailer’s industry.
  2. To detect the ways adopted by Amazon UK in order to hike the sales of the retailers.
  3. To provide suggestions and methods to improve ecommerce website and its performance.


Based on the influence of the ecommerce websites, following hypothesis were made:

  • Today, e-commerce is the widely recognized and accepted way of doing business.
  • One of the leading portalis Amazon UK.

Literature Review

Theories use of Internet has increased to a great extent.  People use Internet for different kind of purposes including shopping, watching news or television etc. This is the reason that retailers have started shifting their work on online portal. The present ecommerce market is advancing day-by-day and it has been assumed that it will grow tremendously while creating variety of opportunities for the retailers. Ecommerce refers to the electronic commerce in which selling, buying, and exchange of any kind of product or service is done through Internet.  Internet provides a medium to compare and critically judge the quality of the product. Ecommerce have its division into four key markets and these are B2C, B2B, C2B, and C2C where B stand for Business and C stands for customer. Ecommerce has been getting popularized among people because of its facilities to provide home deliveries. It doesn’t involve any problem regarding visiting the shop and bargaining for each product; people can just compare the price with same product from other companies and buy what they want; it’s just a one click away. Ecommerce is having one advantage over the products at store that the products are offered reasonably at lower price than the products in stores. Amazon UK is also an ecommerce company that sells products via online and is based in USA. The portal of Amazon UK first started as an online book store and later it started selling variety of ranges of products. It is now a top leading portal in UK.


Research Methodology

According to definition, research methodology is the process which helps a research to collect or gather information regarding the topic of study. The pattern or method chosen for this research is anti-positivism i.e. interpretivism. This theory focuses that the social reality is considered by the individual himself. This theory says that a particular phenomenon has many interpretations. This report will carry qualitative research methodology in order to collect information and due to this the research paradigm will be interpretative. In order to collect the primary data regarding the research, the researcher can conduct a survey on 100 people in UK market to know about their experiences with Amazon UK. Also, inductive approach will be followed where research questions will be used. The research question for the purpose of concluding dissertation can be:

  1. What is the influence of e-commerce on the sales of retailers with reference to Amazon UK?
  2. What are the strategies adopted by Amazon UK in order to increase the sales of retailer?
  3. What can be suggested for the ecommerce companies to improve?

The sample population selected for the survey included 100 shoppers in the UK and the survey also included those people who were between the age group of 18 to 45 years. As per the information gathered from the survey, almost 60% of people have voted for theirgood experiences with Amazon UK, 20% have intermediate experiences while the remaining 20% faced bad experiences with Amazon UK.



In brief or as a concluded part, we can say that these ecommerce companies or websites have made our life easy and smooth. Amazon UK is among the top leading etailer not only in UK but also across the globe. From the surveys, it has been seen that 60% of consumers have good experiences with Amazon UK which forms a reason behind significant growth of etailer-Amazon UK.



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