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Effectiveness of Appointing and Training for an HR Executive for the Better Management of the Employees

1. Introduction

Human resource department plays important roles in managing discipline, solving issues and maintaining good a level of performance of employees within the organization by altering their activities and by motivating the employees. In this report, there will be a discussion about trying an executive of human resource for the betterment if employees.

1.1 Aim of the Research Work

Aim of this report is to determine the issues that affect the employees of organization when they are appointed for the role of executive of human resource.

1.2 Objectives of the Research Work

The objectives of the research follow as:

  • To study the training programs provided to employees and also the outcomes of those trying programs.
  • To study the matter that further raises the requirement of training or better training of employees.
  • To scrutinize the ways that helps to become a better employee.

1.3 Hypothesis

  • If the employees are trained in a better way then the consequences also reflects in the performance of the employees.
  • Trying of employees and the background or culture of the employees – both the factors have no relationship among themselves.

2. Literature Review

2.1 Introduction

This chapter further disintegrates into different topics and is followed by training and development, performance check after training and development and chapter summary – these topics discussed in the section of literature review will help the researcher to correlate the theories with the actual reality of the employees hired as HR executive undergoing the process of training for the betterment of organization.

2.2. Training and Development

According to Zakarevičius, and Župerkienė, 2015, in order to make an employee a better human resource executive, performance of the employee should be checked according to which he or she should be given proper training for the work in which they are actually lacking. After making the individual to go through the training program, performance should be checked whether the performance gap has been covered or not.

2.3 Performance check after the training session

The performance level of the employees should be checked after there are trained for their lacking.  The organization should understand the training programs that are being provided to the employees to check whether the training is enough or not in order to overcome the performance gap of the employees. But if in case the employee still lacking in his or her performance then essential steps needed to be taken by the organization in helping the employee to overcome those gaps.

2.4 Chapter Summary :

In this chapter, the theories related with the training of employees to overcome their lacking are discussed. There is also a discussion about the methods to introduce the training programs and to maintain the interest of the employees in those programs.

3. Research Methodology :

3.1 Research Design

According survey design has been used in this research which is very expensive. The interviews and questionnaires have been prepared to gather information for the betterment of the conduction of the survey. For conducting surveys, primary research methods works better and provides genuine results.

3.2 Research Philosophy

The researcher mainly focuses on the positive elements of the research work and the main focus is on the training and development programs provided by the organization to the employees in order to have better performance of the whole organization.

3.3 Data Collection Method

Interviews and questionnaires have been prepared to gather information for the research work where the trainers and trainees were interviewed to obtain their feedback and questionnaires were conducted for the head of the organization to collect better information.

3.4 Sample size

Cluster sampling has been followed in this research to collect data. Since, the interviews and questionnaires have been conducted as a part of survey so the sample size for each group is 50 employees. Based on their views, the decision will be taken accordingly.

3.5 Research Ethics

Research ethics are needed to be followed by the researcher so that there doesn’t occur any chance of illegal steps by the researcher.

3.6 Limitation

The whole research has gained a good success but there are some points that the researcher used as constraint points and these are:

  • In the section of hypothesis, it has been stated that – If the employees are trained in a better way then the consequences also reflects in the performance of the employees which has been established.
  • The performance level of the employee will be checked continuously during the training session if the performance gap has not filled by the employee.
  • If the employee is unable to use the learnings from training session in his or her work then the training session provided to the employee is just a failure or waste of time.
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