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Online Shopping Cart System: A Case Study on Amazon

1. Introduction

Technology has now become a powerful weapon which is making each and every work to accomplish with ease and comfort. It has now become the basic need of common people, industries, organizations and even businesses at low scale. Amazon is also one of those organizations utilizing technology for increasing its productivity and, performance and profitability. This research highlights the implementation of online shopping cart system by Amazon.

1.1 Aim of research

Aim of this research is to study the online shopping cart system implemented by Amazon and the effectiveness of the system on the productivity and performance of the company.

1.2 objective of research

Objectives of this research work follow as:

  • To study the online shopping cart system implemented by Amazon.
  • To evaluate the need and importance of implementing the online shopping cart system.
  • To elaborate the impact of online shopping cart system on the organization and customers attached with it.
  • To scrutinize the technology used for setting-up the system.

1.3 Hypothesis

  • Online shopping cart system produces useful impact on the performance and profitability of Amazon.
  • Online shopping cart system does not produce any useful impact on the performance and profitability of Amazon.

2. Literature review

2.1 Introduction

People are now opting for online shopping as online shopping sites give them variety of choices to choose from while sitting at home only. It doesn’t consume their energy of fighting for bargaining etc. And with the increase in number of e-customers, Amazon always tries to implement new technologies or adopted some changes so to comfort the customers. Implementation of online shopping cart system is one of those technologies adopted by Amazon.

2.2 Analysis of online shopping cart system of Amazon

Online shopping cart system allows customers to store their needy items in this particular section so that when they feel appropriate, they can buy those items. This section can also be used to store favorite items to be purchased in future. It thus helps customers to store their favorite things or items in a separate section. The primary reason behind this implementation by Amazon is to reduce organizational cost, increase loyalty factor and number of customers. The system allows customers to compare the price of items with other before actually buying them. Meanwhile they can store their favorite items in the cart. It utilizes technology like proper database, coding of webpage etc.

2.2 Importance of online shopping cart system

There requires large scale database management system for maintainingthe data of customers. On the other hand, online shopping cart system has been implemented for the ease of customers so that they can store the items they want to buy now or in future. Technical experts keep a check on the safety of data of the customers and occurrence of any kind of error.

2.3 Summary

Online shopping cart system is implemented by Amazon for making customers comfortable while following the steps of actually purchasing the item or items. It provides a space to customers to think, compare and judge the product they want to buy. It also help the customers to store huge list of items they like for themselves or want to purchase in future and allows them to maintain a list of such products in a separate section.

3. Research methodology

3.1 Research Approach

Inductive research approach is adopted for this dissertation. It is also known as top-down research approach that helps in extracting new theories from acquired knowledge of collected data.

3.2 Research Design

According to George (2014), research design is the most tactic stage of the research work that help a researcher to represent the research in a meaningful and proper way. It helps to explain theories, principles, models and even assumptions or hypothesis in a proper manner. Descriptive research is opted by the researcher for this research work.

3.3 Research Philosophy

It forms a basis or a way in which information should be collected, analyzed or used. It helps to carry information gathered from different sources and the assumptions in a proper manner.

3.4 Data collection

Primary data supports the research as it involves the viewpoints, experiences and observation of people facing the reality of the situation. It has been collected with the help of questionnaire that is conducted for the employees and customers of Amazon.

3.5 Sample Size

Interviews and questionnaires have been conducted for 5 employees of Amazon and 5 loyal customers of Amazon.

3.6 Research ethics

University as well as legal research ethics has been followed by the researcher for this research work.

3.7 Limitations

Time, budget and communication methods formed the major limitations of this research.


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