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Importance of Human Resource Department with in an Organization for the Success of the Business

1.0. Introduction

Human resource department plays important role in managing the staff for the achievement of organization and maintaining a competence level of the organization.This study focuses on the usefulness of the HR department in any organization.

1.1. Aim of the Research

Aim of this research is to analyze the important role of human resource department in an organization. It will discuss the benefits that the organization faces by hiring human research team. The research also highlights the issues that organizations face due to absence of human resource department. It aims to differentiate the situations or environment of the organization in both the cases. And the organization actually performs in the presence of well-trained and organized members of human resource department.

1.2. Objectives of the Research

Objectives of the research work follows as:

  • To determine the issues or challenges that is faced by organization due to absence of proper HR department.
  • To scrutinize the important role of HR department and the specific functions the department fulfills within the organization.
  • To understand the benefits that an organization can get due to HR department.

1.3. Hypothesis of the Research

  • A well-established human resource department paves a successful path for the development of organization.
  • Human resource department does not produce much effect on the productivity and performance of organization.

2.0. Literature Review

There has been an increase in the efforts of organizations to increase their productivity & performance due to the highly competitive environment in global market. Every organization or business wants to reach at global level and maintain a level of competence. Due to such reasons, organization have now become dynamic regarding their work, terms & regulations and become growth oriented. This goal can be achieved with the help of human resource department where the department members are well-trained and qualified for handling the changing environment of the organization. The HR department members make the office environment comfortable for the employees, motivate the employees, keep a regular check on the working of the employees and the activities being performed by them so that the employee satisfaction can help organization to operate the whole management in a good way. It actually lowers the pressure of the employers so that they can only focus on achieving the goals for the organization. The department releases the stress of the employers by managing the personal as well as social issues of the employees. It keeps on focusing that the employees should be satisfied from their jobs so that the organization can retain the employees for maximum extent. It also keeps an eye on the proper working of the employees and has enough capability to suspend the employees who are not capable to gain appropriate skills to benefit the company.

3.0. Research Methodology

This section of the research deals with designing of the research and the methods that actually help the researcher to manage the work of collecting the information and concluding the research with satisfactory reasons.

3.1. Research Design Approach

Research approach helps research to follow a way in which he or she can conduct the whole research. Out of the two well-known methods i.e. inductive and deductive method, deductive method has been used in this research and that is descriptive in nature.

3.2. Research Philosophy

Research philosophy guides researcher for the better framework of the whole research work. There are many research philosophies like positivism, interpretive and realism. Out of these the researcher has focused on the positivism philosophy.

3.3. Data collection Method

Primary data collection method and secondary data collection method both are used in this research work to support the aim of the dissertation. A questionnaire has been prepared which is further applied on the identified set of respondents. The first hand information collected through questionnaire help to reduce chances of error.

3.4. Sampling Technique

The technique is based on certain criteria where the primary data is collected from a right and identified set of respondents. As the dissertation is not specific to any organization therefore survey is conducted through online sources.

3.5. Research Ethics

Confidentiality has been maintained for the feedback of the respondents and has not been tailored under any circumstances. The ethics has also been followed while collecting data for the research and no biasness has been considered while concluding the research.

3.6. Limitation of the Research

The basic limitation is the collection of first hand information through primary data collection method because of some external sources that altered the information and influenced the results of the dissertation work.

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