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1. Background of the Study

The increasing market competition has made dynamic changes in the external and internal environment of coca cola. It has now become much more necessary for the human resource department to implement out of the box activities in order to enhance the performance of the business. Performance management is the most crucial strategy that is used by the human resource department to improve the performance level of employees. The current research focuses on the analysis performance management system of coca cola and its contribution in upgrading the performance of employees.

2. Aims and Objectives of the Research

The primary aim of the research is to justify whetherthe performance management system of coca cola contribute for increasing employees performance by analyzing the impacts of human resource activities of coca cola.The objectives set for the successful completion of the research work follows as:

  • To scrutinize and study the performance management system of Coca Cola
  • To analyze the performance of employees of Coca Cola.
  • To evaluate and measure the process of employees performance of Coca Cola.
  • To study the effect of performance management system on the employees of Coca Cola.
  • To evaluate the influence of training activities, communication and thee feedback from the side of employees of Coca Cola.
  • To scrutinize the influence of rewards, personnel performance and development etc. on the performance of the employees of Coca Cola.

3. Research Hypothesis

In order to approach towards the theories and designing of research, following are the research hypothesis set to make the objectives of the research more clear and significant:

Hypothesis 1: There is a positive effect of development and planning on the performance of employees of Coca Cola.

Hypothesis 1A: Designing and setting objectives for planning & development will create positive impact on the employees of Coca Cola.

Hypothesis 2: Proper performance management system and review will help the employees to enhance their performances within the organization.

Hypothesis 2A: Frequent communication with the employees should be there to estimate the level of their performance.

Hypothesis 2B: Feedback from the employees about their experiences and the working issues they are expecting facing further helps to increase their performance.

Hypothesis 3: Rewards and incentives improvise the satisfaction level of employees and thereby the performance level of employees of Coca Cola.

Hypothesis 3A: Personnel development plays important role in improving employees performance.

Hypothesis 3B: Proper evaluation of the performance of employees will guide for improving performance level.

Hypothesis 3C: Payments made on performance basis will further enhance the performance level of the employees.

4. Literature Review

There are certain aims and objectives that each organization possesses to achieve a level of competency within the industry or market. They possess their own goals, missions and targets that make their significant among all the businesses. It is the responsibility of employees to understand those targets and their own roles and responsibilities so that they can contribute accordingly towards the development of the organization. Performance management system allocates the task of the employees and ensures whether they are performing accordingly or not. The human resource department possesses two primary benefits of utilizing performance management system. One is that they can cross check the performance level of any employee from time to time and can provide them proper assistance and guidance in case they are lacking in performing better than earlier. But still if the performance of employees is not well then the human resource personnel can terminate their working in the organization. On the other hand, human resource personnel can appreciate the performance level of the employees by providing them awards and rewards in order to encourage them for enhancing their further performance. The primary motive of implementing performance management system is to increase the contribution level of employees towards the organization. Therefore, this system plays a vital role in most of the organizations. And in order to manage the performance management system, various aspects have been considered by human resource department of organizations and these aspects are personnel growth and development, proper training and significant growth in the performance for making effective training possible, continuous communication, performance evaluation, seeking feedback, providing awards or rewards based on the performance level etc.

5. Research Methodology

Qualitative methodology has been used to create relation between the collected numerical data and the proposed theories or models. The research has further followed deductive approach in order to justify the theories in relation with numerical data. This research possesses clear objectives so the positivism research philosophy has been approached for this research. The research has utilizes descriptive research design for interacting with several participants or the viewers. For the analysis of quantitative, surveys have been conducted whereas interviews have been arranged with the HR managers of Coca Cola for the analysis of qualitative data. The collected data will neither be used for the commercial purposes nor revealed & tailored under any condition.

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