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Maths Assignment Help


One can get help in maths assignments from our expert service providers in uk, usa, australia at a very reasonable price. We guarantee that you will notice significant improvement in your maths assignments. In our last article we discussed about the concept of inequality. We took up a very basic question and thus tried to understand the basic fundamental concepts of mathematics.

Concept of inequality in Maths

One can solve the most difficult question with the help of concept of inequality. The another concept regarding this is discussed here:

Let us take up the example like [x-1] x [x+1] > 0 , then how are you going to solve it?

All of you have learned the method of wavy curve in which a graph is plotted and narrow down the solution. This is a universal solution method which most of the students use to solve the inequality problems. However,there is an another way also

This process includes 3 steps:

First to point a critical point on the number line which will be followed by the evaluation of sign and then finally we can reach to the final solution of the problem.

Critical point

A point where either the equation value on the left hand side becomes not defined or zero. In the above case there is no point for the equation to become infinity.there are 3 points for which the left side will become zero and ie. -1,0 +1

This was the first step,now lets proceed to he second step which is to plot the numbers on the number line so that sign change from one number to another can be calculated.

If any number less than -1 would be taken , we will notice that above equation will turn negative. So we have to find a equation which gives us positive solution.

Rules for the algebraic sign calculation.

The rule for the calculation of the sign for the area less than -1 is to use alternative signs for all the other regions. This will make us to get the signs for inequality for consideration.

[-1 to 0]    positive

[0 to 1]     negative

[+1 to infinity]    positive

All of you can observe that I have not done evaluation of all the other regions instead have used an alternative sign. This is valid for every inequality problem in a reduced form.

Solution:  [-1 to 0]   union

[+1 to infinity]   open brackets at extremes.

It is a very important concept which i didn’t discuss in the last blog. There are many other websites too which help us in better understanding about the solution of Maths problems. There are many concepts to discuss so keep following our website for the best methods and keep giving us chance to serve you in future.


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