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Computer Network And Communication

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Computer Network And Communication Assignment Help



Computer network can be defined as the connection of various computers together to share the data, information and the resources. Now a days, people access to the most common and the biggest network of computers and that is the internet which includes billions of computers, smart devices and the servers which are connected to each another in the whole world. If we talk about a more detailed definition of computer network then,  it is the combination of interconnected computers which have their main aim as communication and interaction. The network of computers is characterized on the basis of topology of networks on which it is basically based. The networks can be based on different topologies like, bus topology, ring topology, star topology, mesh topology etc.

At make my assignments we have a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who all are well skilled and determined. They all have a background of computer network engineering also which ensures high grades in the assignments of students. They all provide 24 x 7 assistance so anyone can contact them anytime for guidance and support. They have experience in both theoretical and practical approach of computer networking. Moreover, they all have experience of 15 years and all have been professors in renowned universities. There are many different devices which are needed to assemble a computer according to our experts of computer network assignments and those are like, router, distributor, network cables, network card and USB. They all believe that a network of computer should be strong on various different parameter s like reliability, good performance and safety measures also from the various unauthorized sources. So if anyone is interested in any guidance regarding the computer networking assignments please feel free to contact us.

Types of network topologies

Topology is defined as the method of network of devices. Our all the experts and professionals are well skilled in all the concepts and approaches related to the system of computer network and communication and some of these topologies are discussed below:

  1. Star topology

It includes a device which is known as central node to which every device in the network is connected. Data is passed through a hub as none of the devices is directly connected to another device. As the number of hops are very limited , therefore this topology gives efficient performance with a lesser lag of time. One more thing to add is that there is a limitation also associated with it and that is it is very expensive to build.

  1. Ring topology

Every device in this topology is linked with the adjacent device which creates a structure which looks like a ring . The data in this topology is moves through every node before the right destination is found on the terminal. To control the flow of data, it does not needs any central hub and for reducing the chance of packet collision, all the data flows in one direction only.

  1. Bus topology

Bus topology is a topology in which all the connections obtain the data at a single time using a single cable by which all the network devices and computers are linked with each other. The major disadvantage associated with it is that if there is a break in the central cable, entire system can be shut down.


Types of computer network

At make my assignments our all the professionals and experts have deep knowledge about various different types of computer networks:

  1. Local area network

The people who are situated in same geological region are provided service by this kind of network. This type of network is mostly used in office colleges, universities,  schools and the areas which are within the radius of 1 km.

  1. Metropolitan area network

This network connects to the larger areas as compared to lan and therefore it is also known as man. It includes the areas of even few buildings and even a whole town also.

  1. Wide area network

This type of networks serves to greater communities which are situated in large geological regions . It includes all the other man’s and lan’s.

  1. Wireless area network

This is the network in which all the computers are joined without the help of any wires or physical media.

Our professionals and experts are there to assist you to answer your each and every question and to give you knowledge about the other networks as well like, can, campus area network, pan, personal area network, san, system area network, storage area network, san on which our team actually has a deep knowledge.


Important network devices

The main task of network devices is to help in carrying data to different devices of a computer network. Our experts and professionals have knowledge of all these network devices also which really help in completing the assignment very effectively and efficiently. The various common networks are discussed below:

  1. Modem

The device which is used for modulation and demodulation of data is called modem. By the use of modem the information is transmitted to the lines of telephone and then without receiving it, it is again converted back into digital signals.

  1. Repeater

It is an electronic device in which the signals are received and then retransmitted it with high power and level.

  1. Hub

This device is used to connect various different computers with each other using a topology of single network.

  1. Media convertors

This device is used for uncomplicable systems and to connect different types of media like fibre optic cables, twisted pair etc.

  1. Network interface card [nic]

It is a hardware device of computer which is used to connect the computers with the network or internet.

  1. Router

This device is operated at the network level of osi model and data is also effectively transferred between the different areas of local network. Moreover, there are many devices through which multiple network of computers are joined via wire or wireless computers.

  1. Switch

It is  a tool in which information is obtained from many different systems of network and then transferred to the different ports of output to fulfill the desired objective. It is a very smart hub which not only transfers the data to each and every port but also does the work of selecting the desired port basis information in the data.

  1. Firewall

It is a part of network only which is used to block the unauthorized access to or from the network and at the same time it allows the passage of authorized information also. It can be software or hardware or can be the combination of both the things.

  1. Bridge

It is a network tool which is used for connecting the networks of multiple communication or the segments of network very effectively and efficiently. All the experts which are well experienced in computer networking very well knows that a bridge is operated at the link of the layer of data regarding the osi model. 2 points can be interconnected mutually with the flow of data at a very extreme high velocity.


Important concepts of computer network

Our team at make my assignments is well skilled and experienced and have a knowledge of all the concepts and approaches related to networking. They are always available for the students to assist and guide. Some of the main topics related to it are discussed below:

  1. Introduction to networking

There is a 7 layer structure design under the concept of computer networking. It is known as the model of osi which defines each and every level to execute. Our professionals and experts have the capability to answer each and every question in detail regarding the different layers as well as their respective functions.

  1. Topology and transmission media

In this process all the data packets are transmitted to the networks. The mode and method of transmission can be either through wire or visual cable.the effective and efficient spread of network is the responsibility of topology.it can be any topology whether star, bus or ring. Our professionals and experts are well skilled and experienced in topology based assignments. Feel free to contact us anytime.

  1. Routing algorithm

There are many different routing algorithms which really gives us a very effective and efficient way to transmit the whole information. But at the same time it is very difficult to understand as well as run. Our all the professionals and experts are well skilled to solve all the assignments regarding the routing algorithms.

  1. Blocking control techniques

There is a problem of congestion in networking area also like it happens on roads in the form of traffic jams. There can be congestion if many data packets travel at the same time in a network but our team has a solution to overcome this type of problem. These type of issues can be solved by installing various different congestion control devices like java etc.

  1. Management of network and safety

Network creators face a major issue of hacking and data theft so it is very important to understand the role of management of network safety. A student can get an assignment regarding the network security and the study of packet filters and tracer and for these type of assignments our team is always there to assist and support you.

  1. Ipv4 and ipv6

It is one of the very famous protocols of of networking like tcp which has recently came into existence. Ipv6 provides a much bigger address space than ipv4. Our team of professionals and experts are well skilled and experienced in solving the assignments regarding networking essays and ipv4 and ipv6.

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