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Best SCM Assignment Help In Canada



Make My Assignments (MMA) is the best place to resolve all your issues regarding the assignment submission within short span of time. SCM assignment help service is a service which is required by every student of Management studying supply chain management. Supply chain management SCM as the name suggests is referred to as the management of the flow of goods. The management of products includes ensuring that the storage of the raw materials has been done effectively, the inventory work in progress and the finished goods acquired from the source to be delivered to the destination which is referred to as the point of consumption. The management of supply chain involved in interlink network which is so complicated that it is hard for a student to understand easily. SCM is often considered as the concept of managing the goods, but indeed it is a much broader concept.
Supply chain management involves multiple phases which include design planning control execution and the monitoring of the supply chain activities.
The concept of supply chain management is bifurcated into three ideas which are interconnected tightly and is useful in writing SCM assignments.

What are the problems addressed by supply chain management?

The first problem that is addressed by SCM is distribution network configuration. the supply chain management network is composed of customers, distribution centres, cross docs, production facilities, etc.
Once this problem has been rectified the next issue that is to be considered as the distribution strategy. distribution strategy provides the answer to the questions such as the scheme of delivery and the mode of transportation. All of these activities must be coordinated to achieve the lowest total logistics cost.
The third problem concerns the inventory management where it is important to ensure that the inventory is managed effectively and is available for use at any time. Last but not the least cash flow is another major problem which is addressed by SCM. This is focused on handling the payment arrangements the terms of the payments and exchange of funds.

Integration of Key Supply Chain Processes

A successful SCM requires changing from the management of individual functions to the integration of activities within the key supply chain processes. As stated by Lambert (2004), the key supply chain processes are:
1. Customer relationship management (CRM): the model of CRM is being used for managing the interactions of the company with the current as well as the prospective customers. This process involves the use of technology in order to automate organized and synchronizing sales marketing as well as customer service along with technical support.
2. Customer service Management (CSM): under the CSM the organization is focused on determining the mutual goals for both the customers as well as the business. Hair the most important consideration is establishing in maintaining the customer rapport.
3. Facilitating the procurement process: the companies and the suppliers draw several different strategies which are employed to support the development of the new products and the process of flow management. Depending upon the size of the business is likely to be done on a local or global basis. the activities which are related to voice of training the products, as well as the raw materials from outside suppliers, require planning of the sources, the sourcing of supply, negotiation and order placement.
4. Physical distribution: this segment is specifically about the movement of goods or customer service. It is a well-known fact that customer is going to be the end user for any of the manufactured product and thus it is deemed to be the final destination of the marketing channel. here it is necessary to understand that space and time of the customer service shall be the most integral part in respect to marketing.
5. Warehouse management: this can be referred to as one of the most important aspects of the business process because it plays a vital role in the reduction of the costs as well as the expenses of an organization. has a team which is experienced in assignment writing and has been offering effective assignment health solutions from quite some time. the expertise and the experience in handling the academic projects is a plus. The assignment writing team of a company consists of professionals having relevant industry experience, who are primarily focused on providing help to students with their assignments and homework. Our affordable and plagiarism free assignments are helping students from a very long time, and the writers make sure to follow all the required guidelines while making assignments:

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