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Please help with BS6100 Strategic Management Assignment

Please help with BS6100 Strategic Management Assignment

Assessment Description

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                 Assignment Briefing


Module NameStrategic Management
Module CodeBS6100
Assignment TitleThe Pharmaceutical Industry
Type of SubmissionGroup written report submitted through turnitin
Word Count2500 words
Assignment Weighting30% of module mark
Issue DateMonday 17 October 2016
Submission DateThursday 24 November 2016 (amended 25/10/16)
Date of Feedback to StudentsThursday 15 December 2016
Where feedback can be foundFeedback is provided via turnitin online marking.
Assignment set byMark Anderson

Assignment Task

The Pharmaceutical Industry

Question One

The worldwide pharmaceutical industry is highly profitable (see Table One and Table Two below). Using a five forces analysis assess how this high level of profitability is achieved in the UK ethical (or prescription) pharmaceutical industry[1]. Identify the influence of any key macro factors.

                                                                                                                                50 marks

Question Two 

Consider the UK firm GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and present a structured assessment of the resources and competences of the firm that contribute to achieving a leading position within the industry.                                                                                                             40 marks


Overall standard of presentation, including referencing, structure and data presentation.

 10 marks


Table One: World’s largest pharmaceutical firms, 2013

CompanyTotal revenue ($bn)R&D spend ($bn)Sales and marketing spend($bn)Profit ($bn)Profit margin (%)
Johnson & Johnson (US)
Novartis (Swiss)58.89.914.69.216
Pfizer (US)51.66.611.422.043
Hoffmann-La Roche (Swiss)
Sanofi (France)
Merck (US)
AstraZeneca (UK)
Eli Lilly (US)
AbbVie (US)

Source: ‘Global Data’ quoted at




Table Two: Average profit Margins of Five Main Industrial Sectors, 2013

Source: ‘Forbes’ quoted at


Only a soft copy of the report must be submitted, with the word count listed on the front page. It should be a professionally written business report, suitable for submission to a management team. All group members must be involved in the preparation of the report.




Marking Criteria

  • Integrated and systematically structured document.
  • Effective application of relevant concepts.
  • Sound strategic analysis supported with clearly presented credible data.
  • Good linkages between sections.
  • Relevant credible data sources appropriately referenced. (eg FT, Economist, Company Reports & Accounts, industry reports)
  • Maximum 2500 words (the executive summary, list of contents, introduction, appendices and list of references are not included in the word count).
  • Exceeding the word count will incur a 5 mark penalty.
  • All team members will receive equal marks unless exceptional circumstances prevail.

Any report submitted late, without the grant of an extension, will be capped at 40%. Failure to submit within 7 days of the deadline will result in a mark of F0.

Remember: Plagiarism can be detected, is a serious offence and will be dealt with accordingly.

Assignment Notes


Group Working

Do not simply split the questions between group members. The questions are all linked and a consistent flow should be evident in the finished report. All group members must have a clear understanding of how each question is to be answered before the writing is split up between the group members. There should then be an editing session when each section is reviewed and you ensure that all the individual sections make one report.


Theory v Analysis

The emphasis in this assignment is on producing concise analysis. It is not necessary to appraise the theory that is being applied. Concentrate on the key factors that are relevant to each question, using the theory as frameworks for the analysis.


Analytical Models

Do not simply paste standard models and frameworks into the report. The use of frameworks, graphs, diagrams and charts is encouraged, but these should be directly relevant and adapted to analysis of the case.



An executive summary and brief introduction should be used to introduce the reader to your report and provide an overview of the context and scope of the report.

Each question can be answered as a separate section and may benefit from a short introduction giving an indication of the scope to be addressed with a short summary to highlight the key points.

Word Count

In order to comply with the word count it is important that long descriptive passages, repeating case material, are avoided. The emphasis should be on the use of standard concepts, models and frameworks to analyse the industry. An excessive word count normally indicates long descriptive sections and poor focus – which will not score highly.



Do not use the appendices to overcome an excessive word count. Appendices should only contain background material and are not necessarily read by the marker.


You must use credible data sources (eg government and industry reports, FT, The Economist, company annual reports & accounts), particularly for quantitative data. Company annual reports can be very helpful. The Harvard referencing system must be used.

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