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Organizational Analysis Assignment Help

Organizational Analysis Assignment Help

Assignment Description

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Organisation Analysis (20%)

This should be no more than 1000 words

1. Choose an appropriate organisation for your analysis.

This may be the organisation you currently work in or have worked in in the past, or an organisation you are familiar with through personal experience or through the media. If you choose a large organisation, you may opt to focus your analysis on a specific area of the company such as a branch, division or large department.

2. Identify and briefly describe a current organisational problem or challenge faced by your chosen organisation.

Relevant problems or challenges may include high turnover, low engagement among workers, the need to implement a change within the organisation, loss of revenue or market position etc. Note that these are only examples and you are free to focus on other problems that are relevant to the specific organisation.

3. Critically analyse the problem or challenge you have identified drawing on relevant frameworks and concepts from Managing People and Organisations. Based on your analysis, make specific recommendations on how to resolve the problem or challenge and how to improve the organisation’s effectiveness in dealing with the issue. The recommendation section should be as thorough as the analysis section and approximately equal in length.

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