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Need help for MKT 570 Group IMC Account

Need help for MKT 570 Group IMC Account

IMC ASSIGNMENT HELP– Marketing Assignment Help

Assessment Description
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Assessment item 3
Group IMC Account
Value: 40%
Due date: 14-Sep-2015
Return date: 05-Oct-2015
Length: 2000 quality words
Submission method options
Alternative submission method



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Work in small groups (your lecturer will assist you with this)
There are four components to this assessment.
Based on what you have learned and observed in this IMC subject to-date, review and critique the following;
A) The customer initiated marketing communication model by Duncan (2005) (page 122 of the text). Investigate this in relation to the rise of social media and even citizen journalism and then investigate how businesses are working in this environment. Provide some academic research, statistics and examples to make your case.
B) The basic model of consumer decision making on page 146 of your text. Investigate this model and how an organisation might use communication tools to walk the retail or business consumer from awareness to becoming a loyal customer. This will include how different tools might be used at different stages of the model, consumers current attitude towards brands/products and services etc. As with the above, provide academic support, statistics and examples.

C) Develop a shared work space to develop this assignment and post your finished work to a Blog site (wordpress, tumblr, wix website) and send the link to your lecturer. (you can post a word doc to also)
D) Finally you and your group are required to pitch the highlights of your findings to the C Suite ( CEO, CFO CIO CMO etc ) of your company in a brief and concise presentation. Develop a voice over Powerpoint, Prezi (, video or audio cast of your presentation (max 10mins or 10 PP slides). Maybe embed video in your blog or website.
This component is worth 10 of the 40 marks for this assessment and provides an opportunity to have some fun and extend your presentation skills. If you are using an external tool or hosting – email me the link. If you are not using an external hosting site please mail a disk/USB with the material to the Assignment Section.
This report would traditionally be presented in a paper based format, however, given this is a communications subject please feel free to investigate a creative way to communicate and present this report via a web site, video or podcast, blog etc. Be sure it meets the needs of assessment and includes your references.
To utilise this option you will need to submit files/links directly to your lecturer. Ask for a confirmation to ensure you meet subject terms!
Learning outcomes addressed in this assessment include but are not limited too:
being able to evaluate theoretical concepts underlying integrated marketing communications;
being able to examine and evaluate various elements of a contemporary communication mix;
being able to critically evaluate marketing communications for a range of organisations and reflect on current organisational marketing by using communications tools.

Marking criteria
There are five important elements to be assessed in the assessment:
The presentation and style of report.

The effort that went into research and the assessment. Have you answered all parts of the assessment task?

Creativity shown in understanding existing communications practice.

Relating marketing communications theory to practice.

Demonstrated understanding that marketing communications are not created in a vacuum, so contemporary customer needs and media preferences need to be taken into account. 
This assessment piece includes work integrated learning to Level 3.

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