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MNG10291 2017 ASSESSMENT 4 QUESTIONS Cruise Business

Assignment Description

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1) Describe how and why the cruise dining models have evolved rapidly from the two-sitting model to what is offered today. Provide descriptions and examples of traditional and contemporary models and trends in your answer. Identify some of the implications and/or unique problems for the cruise business arising from these trends in cruise ship catering.

2)        “Even unprofitably low ticket prices have become economically acceptable, as long as the overall cruise ship economics, including the on board business, work out fine.”

(Vogel 2012, p. 144)

Vogel, M 2012, ‘Pricing and revenue management for cruises’, in M Vogel, A Papathanassis & B Wolber (eds) The Business and Management of Ocean Cruises, CABI, Wallingford, pp. 131-144

Explain this quote by discussing the significance and practice of on board revenue generation and management with regard to the contemporary cruise business.  Discuss the implication/s of this trend with respect to the development of cruise ticket pricing models, and include specific discussion about the “Dynamic pricing” model.



TEN Short-answer Questionsworth 1 mark each (answer all questions)


1.a/ The safety and security of all passengers and crew on board a cruise ship is a serious situation. Who has the ultimate authority, and is criminally liable regarding the actions of all on board a cruise ship?


  1. the security company that provides the security on board the ship?
  2. the cruise line or corporation the ship is owned by?
  3. the nation the cruise ship is registered under?
  4. the captain of the ship?

ANSWER: ______


1.b/ What are the author’s thoughts about the cruise industry’s safety and security situation in Reading 9.2, and how piracy and terrorism are becoming linked?


ANSWER (50 to 100 words maximum):

1.c/ Fill in the blanks in the two lists below: -one identifying the practices, procedures and/or security measures cruise lines and their ships currently employ or participate in to avoid piracy and prevent terrorism; and the other identifying what cruise lines could and perhaps should do, or have been recommended to do going into the future to prevent terrorism in particular.


ANSWER (fill in the blank rows in the table):

Current practices, procedures and/or security measuresFuture practices, procedures and/or security measures
e.g. security equipment used – explosive detectors, x-ray machinese.g. anti-aircraft and other weapons on board to repel pirates

* List the references you used to answer 1.b/ and 1.c/.




2/ What are the implications for cruise ship design regarding your discussion in Question 2 of the Long-answer Section?

ANSWER (50 to 100 words maximum):


3.a/ What do you think is one of the most significant contemporary trends in the cruise business?


ANSWER (short statement only required):

3.b/ Explain why.


ANSWER (50 to 100 words maximum):

* List the references you used to answer 3.a/ and 3.b/.




4.a/ What are the critical points of differentiation between the Departments of the Marine and Hotel Operations and their personnel?

ANSWER (fill in as many of the blank rows in the table as possible):

Marine Operations and PersonnelHotel Operations and Personnel

4.b/ How may these points of differentiation affect or impact the operational relationships between these two Departments?

ANSWER (50 to 100 words maximum):



Continue to final question group 5…




5.a/ What do you think is one of the most critical issues or challenges for the future of the cruise business that has not already been addressed in this exam?

ANSWER (short statement only required):


5.b/ Explain why, and include a recommendation about how this may be, or may need to be addressed for the future success of the cruise business.

ANSWER (50 to 100 words maximum):

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