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Marketing Analysis Assignment Help- CQ University

Marketing Analysis Assignment Help- CQ University

Assignment Description

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Task Description

Individual Written Task – 2:

This assessment task requires you to analyze the “marketing and competitive environment” of a University brand (such as “CQUniversity” etc.) in Australia. Consider that you are a marketing manager of one such University in Australia. The analysis of the marketing and competitive environment should include (but is not limited to): background, market summary, and demand assessment, segmentation & target market, current marketing mix analysis [including current offer (product/service), distribution, promotion, and price], PEST analysis, competitor analysis of a close competitor/competing brand), SWOT analysis, and value & brand positioning analyses.


  • The word limit for this report is 1500, excluding abstract or executive summary and references.
  • It is expected that the report will be based on research findings, including data and information from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Austrade, relevant and authentic Websites, textbooks, recent (i.e., 2012-2017) and relevant journal papers, personal experience and observation.
  • This report requires students to demonstrate an understanding of relevant concepts, theories, tools, and models covered up to week 5 (at a minimum level).
  • You need to follow similar examples that are available in your textbook, Moodle site and/or on the Web.
  • You are strongly suggested to attend the lecture, tutorial, and online discussion sessions.
  • Each assessment must be uploaded as a .doc or .docx file (word file).
  • The “Turnitin” matching rate must not exceed 30%. The unit coordinator in consultation with the Deputy Dean of Learning and Teaching (DDLT) will decide about the nature of a penalty for a greater than 30% matching rate.
  • Please familiarize yourself with the policies, such as assessment extension, late submission penalty and the like.
  • If you have any difficulty, please discuss this with your lecturer/tutor and unit coordinator.

Assessment Due Date Vacation Week Friday (14-Apr-2017) 05:00 PM AEST Return Date to Students Week 8 Friday (05-May-2017) Weighting40%Assessment Criteria

  • Title page, table of contents and abstract: 2 marks
  • Background: 4 marks
  • Market summary and demand assessment: 4 marks
  • Segmentation and target market: 4 marks
  • Current marketing mix analyses: 4 marks
  • PEST analyses: 4 marks
  • Competitor analyses: 4 marks
  • SWOT analyses: 4 marks
  • Value and brand positioning analyses: 4 marks
  • Conclusion: 2 marks

Citation, language, format and references: 4 marks

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