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Interpreting and Managing 4V’s of Operations

Interpreting and Managing 4V’s of Operations

Assignment Description 

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In Structure of this assignment put following things

  1. Executive summary
  2. Table of content
  3. Introduction
  4. Company background
  5. Explaining four V (whatever way you like to do)
  6. Suggestion to improve operation management
  7. References

First of all choose one organisation for example Aldi would be ideal choice, write little background of organisation.

Than explain 4 V (volume variety variation visibility) in respective of Aldi. Like what kind varity is there such as aldi got various types product in there outlet from fresh vegitable to bread, other groceries  etc,

Explian all the Four V like that

Give some idea to improve operation management of organisation, for that must need to point out two three shortcoming <could be imaginary >

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