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IAU Organizational Behavior Assignment help- Week 5 Paper and Discussions

IAU Organizational Behavior Assignment help- Week 5 Paper and Discussions

Assessment Description  

Reading Assignment
Read Chapter 9: Situational Leadership(r): Training and Development
Read Chapter 10: The Situational Leader and Constructive Discipline

Lesson Activity
Discussion Questions. Please post in Discussion Forum:

The effective and ineffective cycles are similar in some ways, although they have opposite effects. What are the similarities? What are the effects of each? Share your personal experiences with either or both of these cycles.
How can a leader recognize a regressive cycle, and what should the response be?
Lesson Assignment : Case Study Chapters 9 and 10
Chapter 9 – SitLead: Training & Development
You are a senior colorist at the cosmetic manufacturing company, Paint Me Pretty.  You are also a Career Mentor for several other, more junior colorists. One of your mentees, Kitty Jones, is a colorist who is leading a project team for the third time in her 6-month career at Paint Me Pretty. The first two times that she led a team, she had a lot of guidance from you – you met with her in advance of team meetings to help her plan the agenda, you took phone calls from her after hours, and you listened to her concerns when they arose.  You even set up a test run of the new product for the two of you to hash out any potential problems before Kitty had to try the product with the rest of her team.


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