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Help me with Total Quality Management Assignment

Help me with Total Quality Management Assignment

Assignment Description

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Brenau University Assignment Help

  1. Research case-study – Conduct a literature search and short-list at least two peer-reviewed research case-study articles/publications in your selected topic area that you want to present.
  2. Email both case studies to the Lecturer before 22nd June 2017 04.30PM clearly stating the order of preference of case studies. The lecturer will go through the cases and, provided they meet the requirements, approve your choice of case study. Otherwise, you may be asked to find another case study.
  3. The case study could be related to any aspects of implementation, barriers in implementation, advantages and disadvantages, cost-benefit analysis, strategy formulation, control, monitoring, process improvement etc of the operations improvement technique selected.
  4. Conduct a literature review of the selected topic area. Find 3 published articles from peer-reviewed journals to support the case-study you have selected and the topic area.
  5. Review the case-study and literature to identify and summarize the main issues/areas of research.
  1. Evaluation of aims and implementation:
    1. Critically analyse the aim(s) of implementing the particular operations improvement technique.
    2. Evaluate how the implementation of operations strategy is shaped by strategic, organisational, methodological, delivery and operational contexts within the case-study.
    3. Evaluate how the case fits into the operations strategy framework developed in the course.

Write a   summary of your evaluation of the research case-study (400-500 words approx.) and upload the same via the Turn tin link provided on the course page.

  1. Present your findings to the rest of the class. To do this:
    1. Create and deliver a power point presentation (~12-15 slides; excluding title and reference slides)
    2. A suggested structure for the presentation is given below:
      1. Part 1 – Literature review – Identify main issues/areas of research.
      2. Part 2 – How topic fits into operations strategy framework.
  • Part 3 – Evaluation of issues/areas of research.
  1. Part 4 – Application of issues/areas of research to company operations.
  1. In addition to slides on the content, the presentation should have a title, conclusion and reference (with correct APA referencing) slides.

The time limit for the presentation is 25 minutes. This will be followed by a 5 minutes

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