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Help me with Marketing Audit Assignment

Help me with Marketing Audit Assignment

Assignment Description

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Marketing Assignment Help

The next stage of the marketing audit is for you to consider the market for your organisation and evaluate the opportunities and threats that exist for your chosen organisation.

NB: if you have a number of markets it is a good idea to focus on just one.

Incorporating theoretical concepts into your discussion from chapters 2, 4, 5 and 6 (expanded in Interact 2 and Adobe Meetings) of the text, and with the use of other theoretical sources and secondary research, please discuss the following:

1. Briefly describe the industry market for your organisation and evaluate current trends in:
a. Growth
b. Profitability
c. Macro environment ( PESTLE factor). Please place PESTLE in an appendix, it will not count as part of your word count.

2. Describe the nature of competition in your industry. Explain and analyse your organisation’s place in the market by comparing and contrasting its strengths and weaknesses to your main competitor.
3. Outline and examine the major market segments for your organisation and identify your primary, and secondary target markets
4. Discuss the level of involvement your primary segment is likely to have towards your organisation in terms of the decision making .
5. Taking into consideration the primary segment, their level of involvement and the competition, create a positioning map for the market place.

More information on how to complete this assessment will be provided on Interact 2


The aim of this assessment is to develop your understanding of marketing auditing and for you to consider the marketing and evaluate opportunities and threats. This assessment assesses the following learning outcomes:

* LO 2:  be able to find relevant and important information about organisations, their industries and
marketplaces from secondary sources;
* LO 3: be able to evaluate the key marketing aspects of segmentation, targeting and positioning
(STP) and be able to analyse an organisation’s approach to STP.

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