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DHSM 701 – Principal of Public Health

DHSM 701 – Principal of Public Health

Individual Assignment – Instructions:

  1. As adult learners it is your responsibility to ensure you submit work on time. Late submission without a valid reason (like medical) will incur a penalty in the form of a reduced percentage( Please refere to policy for further details).
  1. Attach and complete the title page for assessment. Assessments without the title page will not be marked.
  1. APA referencing style must be used to show the source of all information e.g. newspapers, web page, academic journal, article, any book or text book as well as other internet sources.
  1. If COPYING or PLAGIARISM is identified, all students will have to attend a disciplinary meeting at AGI. Plagiarism includes NOT just copying another student work but includes copying from the internet or text book without paraphrasing the words used.

NOTE: When we say ‘ALL STUDENTS’ this means the student who copied the assessment answers and the student whose assessment answers were copied.     


You have been employed as Health officer by one of the New Zealand’s District Health Boards (DHB) responsible for public health. Based on the scenario below write a health report for the executive management.


You have been given a task to

  • critically examine key public health issues of the population living in or around south Auckland at various developmental stage.
  • establish and discuss in depth the factors that contribute to the major public health issues and
  • Explain how the collaboration between Government and NGOs can work to improve the current health outcomes of the affected population? You will need to examine a range of publish health initiatives then conduct a fit gap analysis and recommend a suitable method to generate positive health outcomes for individuals and the community. You also need to recommend the most appropriate preventive measures which should be adopted by the Government to reduce similar health challenges in future.

Assessment Task:

The report should be between 2,500 – 3,000 words.  This limit does not include references/ bibliography, and appendices.  The report should be prepared in a suitable format for presentation to senior management of the chosen New Zealand’s District Health Boards (DHB) under study.

The report should contain a clear and logical discussion.

Required format for the report:

Title Page and formatting:

Course name, Student names and date

Table of Contents

Shows the main headings and sub-headings for the report and page numbers.  All main sections should be numbered separately and sub-sections within those sections should also be numbered.  It is not necessary to number individual paragraphs within sub-sections.

Executive Summary

This is a short summary of the whole report.  It should not be more than 1-page long.  It states the reason for writing the report, the methods used for completing the required tasks, a brief summary of the findings, the overall conclusion and significant recommendations.  This assists non-experts to quickly grasp the significance of the report.

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