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Consumer Behaviour MKT00102 Assignment

Consumer Behaviour MKT00102 Assignment 1

Assignment Description

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    1. Assignment 1: Researching the consumer decision making process

Due: Monday 12th December 2016 (Week 6) Length: approx. 1,200 – 1,400 words Weighting: 30%

In this assignment you will be gathering and analysing information (qualitative data) on a product’s target market, to gain an in-depth understanding of how a consumer goes through each stage of their decision making process.

Essentially you will interview two people who have recently purchased the same product. This product can be either a good or a service.

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At the outcome of your assignment you will have examined the answers to your interviews in relation to the different concepts of the decision-making process. The information that you have gathered will also be used in Assignment 2.

Part 1. Concise background information on the product/service/organisation selected (approx. 100 words) (1 mark)

Provide a brief background to the product you have chosen, and include a brief discussion on the brand/s.

Part 2. Primary research (10 marks)
You need to interview two consumers who have recently purchased the same

product (good or service). It can be the same brand or different brands. For the interviews, discuss:

  • –  What was bought
  • –  What kind of purchase it was (habitual, limited, extended) and whether it was

    a low involvement or high involvement decision

  • –  The decision making process. Include in your answer:
    1. Whattriggeredtheproblemrecognition
    2. Time (costs and benefits) associated with the information search, and

      what was involved in the information search

    3. Theevaluativecriteriaandtheconsiderationsetoftheconsumerand

      how the consumer made their decision

    4. Where and how it was purchased and the environmental triggers

      happening at this stage of the decision making process

    5. Whathappenedatthepostevaluativestage.

    Part 3. Compare the primary research with academic literature (10 marks)

    Compare your discussion with the evidence from the literature by referring to at least five different academic articles (at least one for each of the five stages of the decision making process). Did the behaviour fit the characteristics of that type of decision? Discuss any differences between your analysis and the literature.

    Appropriate academic journals include:

    •   Journal of Consumer Research
    •   Journal of Consumer Behaviour
    •   Psychology and Marketing
    •   Journal of Consumer Marketing
    •   Journal of Advertising

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Part 4. Summary of the target market (5 marks)
Provide a profile of the target market based on your discussion from Part (2) and

analysis from Part (3) and in your answer summarise the purchasing behaviour.

Presentation and referencing is worth 4 marks.

Other information

Please use report writing style (structured with headings and subheadings) and provide a list of references.

The assignments are in report format. Report format means using an executive summary, introduction, conclusion and referencing which, in this case, will be outside the word count.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to provide a transcript of your interviews in the Appendix of your assignment. The assignment will not be marked if you submit it without a transcript of your interviews.

Suggested structure

The body of your report will be your analysis from Part 2 and discussion from Part 3, so the different stages of the decision making process can be used as sub headings, with parts 1 and 4 forming their own sections.

Be sure to acknowledge all sources in-text (Harvard-style referencing, please). Marks will be deducted for poor referencing. General marking criteria includes: • extent and quality of research
• originality of analysis

• presentation.

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