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Information Technology Assignment Sample- BYOD Assignment

Introduction of digital dashboards

A device which provides a customized display of information derived from various information sources is known as digital dashboards. It consists of a web page which contains one or more web parts. It is an electronic interface used to acquire and consolidate data across an organization. It is also known as a tool of business intelligence that allow managers to use their performance on any device. Business intelligence and knowledge management are focused through a personalized desktop portal is known as a digital dashboard. As the name says is one of the most popular means of technology that unlocks the deep insight and detailed information that your data can deliver.

Benefits of digital dashboards

  1. Users can concentrate on latest and newest issues which were not discussed before through digital dashboards. Thus company’s performance is improved  through the support of easily created reports which analyze and rate each of the new tendencies. The basic disadvantage of a  business entity used to be the longest tenure needed for preparing each report so with these all new dashboards it has become very easy to create the reports. It also motivates employees as they have to no longer concentrate on collateral things for which they are not employed.
  2. Employees had to give their a long time in creating reports which used to bore them a lot, so thanks to the freshened approach to these digital dashboards which have replaced the obsolete tabular reports with the innovative digital reports. Thus, employees take more interest in work and do it with great ease and enthusiasm as they have to no longer struggle with the traditional spreadsheet tabular data.
  3. Strategy statements are easily understood through digital dashboards because it is now presented in a transparent way. Employees are very much significantly facilitated by knowledge of correct goals and aims of the business should be intimated to them.
  4. Due to the transparency system of digital dashboards form of the reports is not given importance, but attention is given to its content and context.
  5. It has totally changed the arena of business intelligence due to its digital and transparent approach.

Features and pricing of a potential supplier

The key features and pricing conditions of digital dashboards are that it should be drawn from real time data delivering real time analytics. Specific KPI is very necessary. One should meet purchase order requirements and lead time on the part of the delivery. Price varies, quality of shipments and invoicing errors are also the factors which are needed to be taken care of.

Question 2

Introduction of BYOD

To increase the productivity and collaboration enterprise today adopts mobility to allow them to work from anywhere. Some BYOD devices are mobiles, laptops, desktops or employees are allowed to access the corporate resources with employee owned devices. The BYOD devices trend is increasing day by day as it manages the employee owned and corporate owned devices separately. It ensures that the privacy of users will not be affected. To enroll devices based on the ownership and helps them to create different groups for applying policies and restrictions is allowed to administrators by desktops central MDM.  The overhead cost of using mobile devices  for employees is reduced and separate policies  and corporate devices are also defined. When employees leave it automatically wipe corporate data, leaving user data untouched. Devices has to be enrolled based on ownership. It increases productivity by allowing employees to access corporate resources from anywhere.

Benefits of BYOD

It embraces many advantages over competitors. In starting it shifts the costs to the user. The worker who is paid the most companies save lots of money with the cost of hardware, voice or data services and other associated expenses. Work satisfaction is the second significant benefit. Most of the users prefer the devices lie=ke laptops, Smartphones that they invest their all hard money in them. All this is issued and selected by the IT department. The two main advantages that come with BYOD are that it cuts to be more cutting edge due to which benefits of the latest features and capabilities is derived to the organization. Latest hardware has taken place of painfully slow refresh cycles.

Complications of BYOD

It is not only consists of benefits, but it has many concerns also associated with it. Various issues to consider in it are that the foremost comes that it looses power on all the IT hardware along with its usage. Acceptable use policy comes with all the companies IT which is protected by the IT department security as telling employees about the right usage of their laptops and Smartphones is a little bit trickier. This has to be make sure that the company has defined all the policies very clearly their rules of engagement and their clear expectations also. Company sanctioned security tools should also be maintained.

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