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Brand Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction in Online Retailing Company: Amazon

1.0 Introduction

In this, the researcher has carried a discussion on the customer satisfaction and what impact the social sites are making on the online purchasing behavior of the customers. It deals with the both negatives as well as positive impacts in this concept.

Aim of the Research Work

In this research study, the investigator or the analyzer will aim to analyze the ‘AMAZON’ brand in the context of loyalty and customer satisfaction. This research will provide the information related with purchasing performance of the customers by elaborating the different online shopping websites.

Objectives of the Research Work

The objectives of the research work will provide:

  • The design of the customer’s online purchasing scheme, how much customers are loyal towards the particular brand.
  • Information related to the customers satisfaction while buying any product from online shopping website.
  • Information related to the critical assessment of how the customers use the online sites for purchasing their desired products.


Based on the Literature review, hypothesis of this research study focuses on:

H0: E- Satisfaction and E-loyalty

H1: E- Satisfaction and E-Commitment

H2: E-Trust and E-Loyalty

2.0 Literature Review

2.1 Introduction: In this chapter, the analyzer will highlight the theories and models related with the concept so that a detailed structure can be monitored in association with the main concept. The literature review further includes relationships marketing, the evolution of customer relationships and the chapter summary. There is some extent of satisfaction that customers get from online purchasing which further enhance the confidence of participating in online businesses. Fulfilment of Internet services on worldwide basis is one of the major sources for the satisfaction of the customers, whereby customers can purchase anything anywhere, i.e. at any time and at any place.

2.1 Relationships marketing: Relationship Marketing is the term that is used to maintain long-term relationships with the customers. It is related with the satisfaction of the need of the consumers with make the particular consumer as a long-term buyer or a purchaser. It further focuses on maintaining good relationships with the existing customers rather than attracting the new customers.

2.2 The evolution of customer relationships: A company’s relationship with its customers further strengthens the social structure of the company with the passing of time. Customers’ satisfaction means to prospect with the products and services and to get or estimate the knowledge of customers’ choice or demands.

2.3 Chapter Summary

Customer relationship allows a company to associate with the ‘strangers’ and to follow the strategies of marketing. The aim is to make connections between the customer’s satisfaction and the customer loyalty.

3. Research Methodology

3.1 Research Design : the approach to complete the research work is divided into two parts – deductive and inductive. The research will pursue with the deductive approach which is concerned with the deducing of the modern theories of the topic of research and will subsequently lead to the conclusion.

3.2 Research Philosophy : In this, the focus of the researcher is mainly on the positive elements, performance and the observations related to the two vital issues, i.e. brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. Planning of policies and organizational understanding of a company or an organization creates customer’s blind trust for the organization.

3.3 Data Collection Method: The major tool for the collection of data was the information gathered from the questionnaire because prepared questionnaires are extremely plastic which was collected from small or large group of people. The method of data collection in this research is questionnaire, document investigation and observations.

3.4 Sample Size: the analyzer will take 100 random clients and will conduct a questionnaire. The clients can be from different market places. Thus, the compilation of data is based on the set of questionnaire provided by each client from different market places.

3.5 Research Ethics: Research Ethics are the ethical issues that come forward when people participate in any kind of research. These ethics can be social, legal and political which are raised while having any research. The research ethics provide helpful procedure to pursue with the research.

3.6 Limitation: The data was collected with the help of questionnaire technique, from websites and the common knowledge or understanding of a group of people. Thus the data might not be sufficient with in itself to thorough with the research. This study measured only the behavior of people while having online shopping. It could not be applicable to any sensible behavior.


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