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What are the ways of improving the communication process in a health and social care setting

Though the communication process among the staff-residents and staff-other professionals are very effective. The whole of the staff and management keeps a constant contact with all the doctors, hospital staff and resident’s family members or friends. The employers conduct a regular meetings with the staff management so that all subjects are recorded and passes on to staff management.


  • It would be better to involve maintenance staff and contractors while conducting any meetings. The reason is that it is vital for health and safety to check for all electrical boiler systems, testing off all electrical appliances and general upkeep of the building.
  • The presence of better communication with domestic staff  is essential as some residents are complaining that they don’t get back from the laundry their personal belongings like clothes and bed linen. This may increase satisfaction and trust of the domestic staff.
  • Conducting an obligatory basic communication training session for all staff to improve their performance and strengthen communication skills is important so that everyone would not hesitate to interact with others.
  • Each and every member of the staff should be answerable to the higher authorities and no be should not accused in any case.

The authorities may also undertake the following steps to improve the communication in the health care unit.

  1. Every unit has a diversity of linguistic competency and thus the unit needs to accept and welcome each diversity. Thus making them understand the needs of the hospitals and social care units in their own language would be a better approach. Telling them in their own language would make it more clear and understandable.
  2. They should also encourage participation e in national, state and local discussions about the role of language and culture and encourage conscious and principled language planning.
  3. An internal assessment to determine the languages spoken by patients served and the services they seek should be conducted. So that in case of need the staff members could translate anything using the internal staff if an external person cannot understand English
  4. The specific information which is very important for all the patients should be written in all the major languages ( among the 16 languages in the UK) so that patients could easily understand it.
  5. The health care department can even hire interpreters for the purpose of translation in the units.
  6. Investments should be made in order to improve the communication within the organization.

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