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Reflective Essay Report Sample


There is no doubt to say that yes work placement subject is very essential as it is very important and secures our future as well. The largest number of employability skills is explored which could help in their career planning. According to ACC275 future transition to professional life and assistance in career planning is enhanced and thus a work environment is created for the progression of future career possibilities. At the starting I really thought that once I will start working on this subject I will gain a lot as both my present and future will be secured and a wide range of employment opportunities would be open in front  of us. If we practically focus on this subject it gives us assurance that on completing it, we will be a work ready graduate with employment opportunities in our hands. The main role of this subject in our degree is that we can travel on the same boat and cover two distances a way we can obtain our degree also and can get employment opportunities also at the same time.


The key responsibilities and obligations of the employer is that selection of employees should not be based on their caste or color, but on their skills secondly employees should be provided with a safe environment and wide force of cooperation and motivation.The key obligations and responsibilities towards clients are that the work will be done with appropriate experience and qualifications and reasonable care and concern will also be provided to the client with the maximum assistance possible.No professionals have stronger obligations than non professionals because their responsibilities are clearly determined which they have to abide. As a CSU student you should complete all the financial aid application forms on time, your email account should be regularly checked and moreover your parents should also be informed about all the important details from the office of the bursar.


Attitude towards paid job is that one should actively participate in the job in consideration with the self worth secondly goals should be determined effectively and wish to maintain it with full Attitude towards unpaid work depends upon the nature of the work as it includes vocational payments,unpaid internships,unpaid trials and unpaid work experience.As a student, you obligation start to completion of your degree program on restricted time secondly enrollment should be on time, monthly required amount of study credits should be maintained and if one is involved in cheating or plagiarism one may be suspended. After observing the attitude towards both work and study one can get the idea about the true determination and the work power. A prospective employer then can take the right decision of choosing an employee considering his loyalty and capability. A dress to wear depends on the type of accountants you work for but In most of the cases around the world  the dress code for the accounting jobs is considered as suits, especially in the cases of client contact cases however dress down policies is introduced by many companies in order to create a relaxed working environment.


Yes, this subject has definitely helped us a lot to find work in our chosen field because studying this subject empowers us with great knowledge and skills. It gives us a wide thinking power with many employment opportunities to take the right decisions at the right time.The main strengths of an accountant are that it should be good with numbers I mathematically strong, then he should be computer literate, even a security system should also be implemented other than this an accountant needs to be analytical also to review the An accountant will not be considered powerful and mastermind if he is not computer educated or if he is not mathematically strong and the main weakness of accountants are that they are not analytical. If an accountant does not possess all the requisite skills it will definitely hinder its growth and its future and career will be hampered so it is very much necessary to overcome all the weaknesses and  inculcate all the skills that are necessary and be up to date to progress in future. To be successful in career one must ensure that it has all the knowledge, skills and power needed to be an accountant. All the personal, general and technical skills should be empowered otherwise the shortcomings will make you backward. So one must ensure that it fulfill all the terms and conditions. All business needs a trusted and valued employee who has control over the money and can access  to the company finances. The main duty of an accountant is to provide an unbiased advice in all the matters regarding spending, buying, saving money, clients, investors, creditors and all other financial avenues. One should always try  to provide its best of his service with full integration and real desire. The duty of an accountant revolves around the well being of the company and assessing the financial reports to review the performance and represent financial needs. A qualified accountant is one who possess all the necessary qualifications to become an accountant and understands his responsibilities also that what are the necessary steps that should be taken by him to improve the progress of the company (Giddh, 2013). For this he should have a strong control over the finances of the company after that he should always act unabashedly and thus give fair decisions and report.


Accountants generally communicate to the audit committees to obtain information regarding the conduct of an audit and secondly communication takes place with other public company oversight board, PCAOB, to identify additional matters communicated to the company. The communication process involves discussions about the accounting principles and auditing standards, it also talks about the overview of the overall audit strategy and its timing , understanding about the terms of the audit engagement with the audit committee and to record that understanding is done through engagement letter. Discussion about the significant issues that the auditor discussed with the management in connection with the retention and the appointment of an auditor is also a very important part of the communication process. The communication used in day to day life is foremost comes the communication to investors who wants to know how the business is going financially, which is learnt through balance sheets, income statements and financial reports. Next comes the communication to management of meaningful information to take right decisions so to be effective accounting information must be clearly understood. Then communication with government is also necessary because in the case of taxes, government needs to have financial knowledge. Communication with banks is also an important area which includes   periodic reports to give away the correct situation in case of bank loans.


The various professional networks available to accountants are All channels (Star), Chain, Y-Network and wheel network to communicate with the organization. The accountants are directly involved in the organization. They are required to collect a lot of information from different departments of the organization. The all channels and wheel network allows the accountants to gather all the data to get his work done. After completing the work, they have to report all the relevant matters to the top management. In that case, chain and Y-network is used. The reports are transferred to the superiors and then he submits it to the superiors and so on. These networks can help me a lot in the organization. First of all the star network and wheel network allows an account to get mixed up in the organization. It is known as an informal type of communication network in the organization (Zhan, 2012). Thus, being an accountant, I should know all the important financial issues that are going on in the organization. If the in depth details are known to me then it will help in better reporting to the top management. Moreover, it will help in enlarging my horizons of thinking and will also help in increasing the chances of my promotion in future.


We are familiar with many kinds of softwares like MS word, excel, etc. proper knowledge of these documents is very necessary as it improves our efficiency to achieve our goals and objectives effectively. The new technology or software which we expect to learn is tally as tally is very important for an accountant to learn because with the help of tally all the accountancy work will be Very much facilitated because all the financial records like an income statement, trial balance, balance sheets, etc. can be easily maintained and thus communication is also made easier because all the investors, bankers and management can access to the financial records easily and can take quick decisions. So I strongly feel that among all the latest technologies tally is the best to learn.

Learning approach

Learning is a continuous process. One can learn at any time and at any stage. One can learn from his seniors as they are more experienced and educated and from its colleagues also as they also live in the same environment so they can share their views, observations and experience too. Sometimes one can learn from the keen observation in day to day life. Observing the things keenly makes us learn to how to complete the work efficiently or what changes could be made to progress (Kihlstrom, 2011). Another way of learning is taking notes because in personal notes of anyone all the personal experience is written which helps a lot in the field of accountancy. Then comes the medium of undertaking a project and shadowing a manager as by these processes also one can learn very much because the manager knows best how to manage everything to give the best results. One more thing to take care of is that while learning one should have full confidence and not feel shy at all because if the one will feel shy that person will not be able to learn properly.

Potential issues

There are various issues which can arise in the workplace like the foremost is the workforce discrimination. This is a major issue that workforce is discriminated on the basis of caste, color, etc. which create a disturbance in the company and thus hinder the progress. Personality also matters a lot as smart, confident and well spoken perusing excellent communication skills always have a greater impact than a poor personality candidate. Being an accountant, I can’t do anything in this regard alone. However, what I can do is that by using informal channels of communication we can create groups in the organization and we can resist such issues. This will not only help to remove the issues of the organization, but internally the bond between the group members will also get stronger. I can discuss all these issues with my colleagues and other related members of the organization and the group. Moreover, we can consult our superiors in the organization to handle such issues at the earliest.


Apart from all these concerns an accountant can learn more and more because learning is a continuous process. But in specific I would like to learn more about accounting as well as organizational behavior. This will help me to develop my personality in some or the other way and my knowledge also so that I will be ready to take up all the challenges that will be posed in front of me anytime without any issues. This will also help to increase my productivity and skills. Other than these concerns, I would like to learn about the management in the organization. I want to know more about management because an effective management is very necessary for efficient functioning of the organization. With proper management I will become stronger to face various issues in the organization, I will be praised by my superiors and top management and ultimately the chances for my promotion of the organization will also increase in the future.

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