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Internet marketing- A Case study on Google


Google is an American multinational company that specializes in Internet services which further includes variety of services such as cloud computing, software, and hardware, online advertising technologies etc. In the year of 1998, two PhD students at Stanford University, California founded Google. Those two students were Larry Page and Sergey Brin. People using the services of Internet can use Google as a search engine. They can search for anything they want using the Google search engine. Apr at from these services Google also provide the services like Google translate, Motorola Mobile and Cloud computing. People can use such products and services such only when they are connected with Internet. That is why the company attracts people through Internet marketing.

Aims of the Research

The aim of the research work is to detect the policies adopted by the Google Company. It focuses on those marketing policies that the company is following through Internet marketing. This will help the analyzer to gain information regarding the policies or strategies adopted and implemented by Google.

Objectives of the Research

The objectives of the research are:

  • To elaborate the marketing strategies adopted by the Google Company.
  • To study the decision making process of the Google Company in order to market the products and services.


In order to reach the conclusion, the researcher will consider the following hypothesis:

  • Positive impact of Internet services.
  • Negative impact of Internet services.

Literature Review

In this chapter, the analyzer will focus on the discussion of marketing strategies adopted and implemented by the Google company. It is related with the detailed discussion of use of Internet marketing by the company. This report will give an idea about the techniques followed by the Google company in order to attract the customers and convince them to have the use of Internet and its services.


In today’s world every person is using Internet.  The usage of Internet can also be depicted by the ratio of usage of smartphones. The number of smartphone users has been increased up to approx. 50%. And almost all smartphone users access Internet in their day to day life. The customers or users accessing Internet goes through Google search engine at least once in a day. Today, it is very common for people to have online shopping, search for some online data or information, booking of any flight, taxi or cab, any kind of online transaction of finance etc. To access all these services, the most essential part is to have the access of Internet.  This study will help to gain information regarding the marketing strategies adopted and implemented by Google for increasing the number of customers accessing Internet products and services.

Theories and models:

There are variety of marketing strategies that the companies use to reach maximum number of customers. Some of these strategies are SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, Five Force Model. Google uses such strategies to frame the market in the Internet world.

SWOT Analysis of the Google Company

  • Almost every user of Internet knows about Google search engine and the Google company. This is the basic and major strength of Google Company. This results that the number of customers connected with the company is really huge.
  • The weakness of the Google Company is that the income of the company is from variety or diverted sources; it is not from a single source.
  • Opportunities that are offered by the Google Company are that the company can feed many small businesses to their portfolio. Numbers of business portfolio are there that run under the Google Company.
  • Threats of the Google Company can be the other search engines like yahoo offering competition to the company.


The case study will help the researcher to detect the marketing strategies of the Google Company in order to increase their customers. These marketing strategies are generally in the form of online or Internet marketing. This study deals with how the company attracts the new customers.

Research Methodology

Research Approach

Research approach forms an essential part of the research work. Connected models and theories related to the topic of study have been used in this chapter of the research study. In a brief, the detailed organization of the concept has been examined. Two types of research approach can be used by the researcher for the study of the topic to reach the conclusion.

Research Design

Research Design forms a framework of the whole report. It is like a blueprint of the research study which is important to carry out in a careful way before actually proceeding towards the research study. Care and correct perspective is required to make research design in order to successfully complete the report.

Research Philosophy

Research philosophy helps the researcher to get a deep idea about the topic of the research like the purpose behind making such a research – the correct idea about the research should do be there. It evaluates the details of the case study in a systematic manner. In this research, the researcher will get an idea about the online marketing strategies adopted and implemented by Google Company.

Data Collection

It provides a general idea about the viewpoint of the customers. There are two types of data collection methods. One is primary data collection method and the other is secondary data collection method. For the collection of primary data, researcher will take help from local people by conducting surveys or questionnaire and for secondary data researcher will take the help of websites to collect precise information.

Sample Size

The researcher has conducted questionnaire on 100 different persons from different areas to get viewpoint of customers about the topic of the research.

Ethical Consideration

Research Ethics are the ethical issues that come forward when people participate in any kind of research. These ethics can be social, legal and political which can be raised while having any research. The research ethics provide helpful procedure to pursue with the research.


Limitations in this research was the time and budget constraint. Time allocated for the research was limited while the collection of information in that time period was tough.


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