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Database Management Assignment Sample

Self Service System

Self Service system can be explained as the system which is used by customers for their requirement and retailers to provide the requirement of the customer but both of them don’t interact with each other. A simple example which will make clear the above statement is the “ATM”. In ATM, customer swaps the debit card and system asks for the password. If password is correct then system shows various features which a customer can do. Customer selects to withdraw the cash and system gives him the cash. Here no accountant is involved and no other person to whom customer goes and asks for the cash. The customer helps himself only.  The system itself deducts amount from the customer account and does everything required.

Advantages of Self Service System

  • The company who has installed the self service system will have low operational cost because less number of workers would be required to enter the data and process it so therefore increasing the profit of the company.
  • Changes of occurring error while entering the data or processing the data by the workers of the organization would vanish.
  • As the cost of operation of company decreases so it is passed on to customer and helps in lowering the prices for customer.
  • The service of the company would be faster as everything is automated.

Disadvantages of Self Service System

  • As everything is automated and there are very less number of peoples through which data passes as compared to non-self service system so there is more chances of fraud.
  • The cost of setting up the self service system is very high as it requires special team to build the software and hardware.
  • Customer service is low as it is difficult for the customer to adapt to new system unless until system is very easy to use like ATM
  • Lack of modified information, as there is nobody to guide you what to choose or not. If customer is unaware of many options in the list so he would never come to know which the best to chose is.

Entity definition matrix

Entity definition matrix defines the entities to be used for developing the system and description of each entity. In the case study of SU, we will analysis the Entity which should be consider to develop a self system.

The students are the ones who enrol for the activity and also offer the activity. Each student who comes to the university has to fill up the form with his/her details. Therefore there should be entity of student with all its essential description required. Each student has some accommodation type so there should also be entity of accommodation. Each student has to fill up emergency contact information so there should be entity of Emergency too.

The students can show there interest in activity for either teaching or learning. There would be entity of Interest activity also. For taking admission to learn the activities, student has to fill up the booking form stating which activity he/she would like to learn, so there would be Booking Form activity also.

After all the interest and booking form is filled up, a participation list would be given to students and supervisor with full details of the students so that students can contact each other. Therefore, there should be participation list.

STUDENTStudent who enrol for the admission or offer for the admission.
ACCOMMODATIONAddress of the student
EMERGENCYEmergency Contact Information filled by the student
INTERESTACTIVITYInterest details showed by the students.
BOOKINGFORMCourse Student has booked
PARTICIPATIONLISTDetails of the student list for activity

Business Rules

Before making a system, set of business rules are made so that rules and regulations can be followed. According to the current system, business rules are prepared.

Each student will have either university accommodation or private accommodation.

It is mandatory to have students address so one of them is made compulsory, unless until student fills up either of them, he/she can’t proceed further for process.

Emergency contact information is compulsory.

It is mandatory to have emergency contact info of student so it is made compulsory, unless until student fills up either of them, he/she can’t proceed further for process.

Each student would have unique Emergency Contact and Accommodation Info

No two students can have same emergency contact and accommodation info.

Filling Form1 is compulsory with all details.

Form1 which includes student’s personal details, emergency details is compulsory to fill up even if student is old member.

Only Student who offers to supervise course are made supervisors for coaching that activity.

As student can show interest for learning or teaching, so students who show interest for teaching are made supervisor of the activity only.

Student can only enter three activities in the Booking Form.

While enrolling for the activities, student can enter maximum of three activities, he/she would not be allowed to enter more than three activities.

A student can enrol to maximum three activities.

A student will get admission to maximum 3 activities in one term.

A student can enrol for activity and also coach a course.

A student can show his/her interest to learn and teach a course also.

A student can only fill one booking form.

In a term student can fill up single booking form only.

Data Model

Context Data Model

In context Data model, we will link all the entities according to their relationship and cardinality. Each student has one Emergency contact number so it would be one to one cardinality. Similarly each student lives on one address so it would be one to one cardinality too. Both of them are unique for each student so also satisfies one to one cardinality. A student can show much interest activity and same interest activity can be shown by many students so it would be many to many cardinality. A student can be part of many participation lists and a participation list can list many students so it would be many to many cardinality. A student can fill only one booking form so it would be one to one cardinality.

Key-based Data Model

In this type of Data model, we will define the primary and foreign keys of each entity. Emergency Entity will have primary key as Emergency Id as each emergency info is unique. Similarly Accommodation Entity will have primary key as Accommodation Id as each accommodation info is unique. Student Entity would have student Id as primary key as it is unique for each student and Emergency Id and accommodation id as foreign id so that student emergency and accommodation info can be find out. Interest Activity entity has Interest Activity Id as primary key which is unique and student Id as foreign key so that interest of each student can be found out. A student can show more that one interest so student id is made foreign key. Participation list entity has participation id as primary key and student id as foreign key as a participation list can have many students. Booking Form entity has booking form id as primary key and student id as foreign key so that it can be found out which booking form was filled by which student.

Generalisation Hierarchies

In Generalisation Data Model, we will split an entity into specific entity. Interest Activity entity can be broken into two different entity as To Teach Entity and To Learn entity as student can show this two types of specific interest. Accommodation can be split into two types of accommodation as University Accommodation or private accommodation as student can have either of both.

Full Attributed Data Model

Student Entity will have attributes like first name, middle name, last name phone, email according to the form1. Emergency Entity will have attributes like first name, last name and phone according to the form1. Accommodation Entity will have attributes like type of accommodation as it is necessary to have the type of accommodation to show in participation list. University Accommodation will have attributes like Building name, room num and phone num according to form1. Private Accommodation will have attributes like address according to form1. Interest activity will have attributes like name, date, activity name and type of student according to form3. To teach entity will have attributes like Experience according to form2.  The participation list entity will have attributes like Supervisor id which is same as student id and activity name. The booking form will have attributes like activity name, term, name and date according to form.

Full Attributed Data Model in 3NF

In Full attributed data model in 3NF, we will convert the data into third normal form. It can be seen that participation list can have same student id for different participation id. The name of the supervisor and activity name would be repeated for each entry. Therefore it should be broken into third normal form. A new entity Participation Student is created which have participation id as foreign key and student id for the corresponding participation id. We can see that Interest activity, Booking Form and participation list has activity name. So a different entity known as Activity is created with activity id as primary key and activity name. We will replace activity name by activity Id now. It will help to maintain all activities at single place.

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