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“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” – John F. Kennedy

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Leadership is perhaps the most influencing approach on human behavior. We can find this fact to be true by noticing our environment and seeing how people are being influenced by leaders. A good leader requires discipline and prevention of any trouble. The main purpose of any leader is to clearly define the vision of the group or an organization. However, the job is not finished by merely defining the vision. The leader has to convert vision into reality. We can observe that there are various leaders in every field and business world is filled with great leaders. 

Leadership can be defined as the best possible way to organize the group of individuals in order to accomplish a common objective. The leader of any group may have formal or informal authority. Scholars have given various theories that involve traits, function, situational interaction, behaviors, vision, power, intelligence, and values.

Important Theories in Leadership for Good Assignment Writing

 Traits Theory

This theory was proposed by Thomas Carlyle after studying the traits and personality of many famous leaders. He argued that leaders are born, not created. He explained this theory in his work named “Heroes and Hero Worship”. 

Alternative Theory

This theory was proposed to prove trait theory wrong. It was developed in 1950s. The researchers conducted several experiments and came to the conclusion that each individual has the capability to become a leader in one or another situation. Hence, leadership has nothing to do with traits.

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