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The awesomeness of being an introvert

Our personality is a combination of characteristics and qualities that we possess. The combinations are different which is what makes us so unique, special in our own way. Why is it then that we consider some characteristics good and other not so good? Is it the society’s conditioning?

Take introverts, for example, they are a misunderstood species. Often considered arrogant, egoistical, moody, anti social, the weaklings of the society. But let me tell you today that being an introvert does not make you anti social. So what if you can’t make small talk with a stranger? You know how to drive a stimulating, meaningful conversation (because that’s an introvert thing, they like purposeful conversations!).

The awesomeness of being an introvert

The awesomeness of being an introvert

Yes, we live in a world where it is important to branch out, make contacts, and be out there for the world to notice you and take you seriously but no, that does not mean you have to lose yourself in the process. In fact, we today have reasons to embrace your introvertness:

Being a party of one is awesome

As an introvert you know how to entertain yourself, keep yourself busy and happy. All you need is a book to cuddle with, or videos to binge on. You can amuse yourself for hours, without feeling lonely. Even for a movie out or dinner out, you are all the company you need.

You stop to smell the roses

An extra vert is too occupied, jumping from one engagement to another to notice the little things in life let alone appreciate them. An introvert however, would rather savor a moment than rush by it. You like to take things slow, to stop, observe and contemplate life’s precious moments.

You have the greatest friends

Introverts are known to form deep, strong bonds, few as they may be. Their connections are deeper and relationships tend to last longer.

You’re a dreamer

Introverts are dreamers who live in their own world (and that’s not necessarily a bad thing!). They believe in finding inspiration from within and this day dreaming is what makes them very creative and sensitive people who think outside the box and are always brimming with thoughts and ideas.

You look before you leap

Introverts hardly ever rush into things, they are just not impulsive that way. They weight things before getting into it. This makes them smart decision makers as they calculate and plan before starting something new.

You don’t need a babysitter

It’s a fact bosses prefer introvert employees because they don’t need to told what to do every second of every day. Introverts are independent that way, they like to wrk on their own and find their way out on their own when they get stuck.

You intrigue people

As judged and misunderstood as introverts are, they have an enigmatic, mysterious personality. Since they don’t always say much,  they invite a lot of attention for their thoughts (if that makes sense) and they have brilliant poker faces, they don’t like showing their emotions or what they are thinking, making them even more intriguing.

So dream on people and embrace your awesomeness!

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