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How to be more social?

It’s all about the image now, isn’t it. The more accessible you are the more likely you are to succeed. It’s ok to be shy and quiet but at the same time you have to know when to overtake these characteristics and let loose when the situation demands it. If you are one of those people who think it’s a lost cause, we have some tips for to become more social. They can be a little overwhelming for some of you out there, but you can always take them one at a time (also try not to over think and just dive). So, here goes:

How to be more social?

How to be more social?

Chat back with people who try talking to you

Don’t brush people off just because you don’t feel like talking. When someone is making the effort to talk to you, curtesy demands that you be polite and chat back. Also, it’s a great way to brush up your small talk skills with new people, if you are not big on taking the initiative.

Make more effort with the people you know

Try to keep in touch with the people you know, friends and co workers. If you see someone familiar at a restaurant, go over and say hello. Show interest in people, maintain touch with them, and eventually you’ll start enjoying it.

Invite people to do things

If you’ve crossed the first two steps, it’s time you start taking initiative. Start making plans and inviting people to accompany you, instead of waiting for an invitation. Join groups that interest you to meet new people, try new things. This step will need you to step out of your comfort zone.

Offer compliments to people

Try not to make this one look like too much effort, so just give people heart felt compliments. This will encourage another person (make their day, maybe!) and also make you feel positive, good about yourself. So if you see someone who is good at something, or who is dresses nicely, don’t be afraid to offer your compliments.

Make sure everyone is having a good time when you are around

Make sure you contribute and even add some energy whenever you are out in a group. You don’t need to be over the top loud, just welcoming. Include other people into the conversation, try to get them to speak.

Make nice gestures

Order a cake for a colleague on her birthday or bring food to a party where no one was expecting it. Remember, you don’t have to be overly nice, it just makes you look like a creep. Just throw in a thoughtful gesture once in a while, without going overboard, where you think you it will be appreciated.

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