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Frequently Asked Job Interview Questions

Frequently asked Job Interview Questions

Wouldn’t it be just amazing for you to know what the hiring manager is going to ask you in the interview session? Well, unfortunately, we can’t read minds, so we are going to present a list of some frequently asked questions in the job interview, along with some tips to answer them all.

These are going to some basic questions that the hiring manager would be willing to ask you in the job interview. Starting from who you are to what things you’re good at, would be the most common questions that the hiring manager would ask. Though this might not be the exact wording, but if you already have some answers in mind, then you’ll be prepared for just about everything that the interviewer throws your way.

For some, this might just appear a small brigade for being ready for future aspirations, but in reality, it is quite crucial to prepare yourself for this stage. Here, you are not required to present an entire history of your employment; rather, you need to present one that is quite descriptive and persuasive, explaining the things what you’re best at. For example, you can talk about something related to your current job, then provide the interviewer with some insight of how you got there and how you further plan to see your career. Take a look at this blog further to know more about such questions.

How did you come to know about this job vacancy?

This comes out to be a great opportunity to stand out and show off your skills and passion for this particular job vacancy. For example, if one of your professional friends’ or family come to know about this opportunity, then you can explain the interviewer of how excited you were to know about it. Even if you find this opportunity on some portal or job board, share what your eye specifically caught about this position.

Why do you want to work for this company or business?

Beware of dropping off some common reasons, as this might infuriate the interviewer about the question and the nature of its answer. Your answers need to stand out from the rest, or else you’ll miss the chance for this job opportunity. You can talk about things that reflect some of the company goals and how it has evolved since a period. You can also talk about their potential development prospects and how they are related to your career.

Why do you want to work for this job?

Employers tend to employ only those candidates who are excited about this job opportunity and work. And if you are asked this question in your interview, define a few main factors and aspects that make you a perfect fit for this job.

Why should we hire you?

Well, if you’re asked about this question in the interview, then you’re lucky enough to market yourself in front of the employer about your phenomenal skills and abilities. The three main things that you need to talk about here is that how you are capable enough to deliver great results with this job opportunity; how you are going to fit with the other team members and the office culture; and in the last how you are going to be a part of it all as a future prospect.

What are your strengths?

This is the perfect opportunity for you to explain the interviewer about yourself. Think this question in terms of consistency and not quantity. Do not just brag about some adjectives or list of skills that are not necessary for this job profile. Instead, select one or more attributes that define you and make you the perfect fit for this job role.

What are your weaknesses?

Under this situation, you need to balance out things by thinking about something that you are struggling with but also explaining how hard you’ve been working towards its improvement and development factor.

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