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9 best tips to score well in Programming Assignment

If you are a programming student, you are not unaware of the situation and feeling where you are so close to the deadline and the whole of your hard work goes in the drain because all you had done for you programming assignment has only landed you to an error message that keeps showing itself from time to time and increasing your panic and anxiety. In one such situation, you feel the need for someone to rescue you, only to find yourself alone and desperate for help. If you are facing the same right now, fret not because we plan…

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What is cloud computing and the security concerns associated with it

Cloud computing refers to as a system where services are rendered to the clients on demand, through the Cloud. It is an internet based model wherein services are provided to the consumer’s computer on demand. Cloud computing has come forward from being an idealistic concept to emerge as a reality in this world of radical IT transformation. Large corporations like IBM and Accenture have diverted their focus from IT products to Cloud Computing. It has grown into one of the fastest growing sectors in IT. There is a mass exodus to Cloud computing because of its focus on cost savings.…

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How to Develop a Mobile Application (Android)

To develop a mobile application for Android Smartphones, a software stack known as “Android Platform” will be required that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications. Development of an Android application shall include use of the Android SDK. The applications shall be coded/written with the use of JAVA programming language and tested on Dalvik, a custom virtual machine designed for embedded use which runs on top of a Linux kernel. Development part of the project  will be required to Download the SDK to develop an Android application. Further review and analysis of documentation regarding Developing Applications shall be carried. The…

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