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Ways To Improve Public Speaking Skills

Ways to improve public speaking skills

Public speaking is an art and not many people have the confidence due to their introvert or shy or insecure nature. Having good communication skills and public speaking skills are talents that have an impact on a person’s failure or success during the course of their life. Students who are good at public speaking and have effective communication skills perform much better that the ones who are a little shy or introverts. You need to have strong public speaking skills in order to impress your professors and your boss.

Follow the simple steps given below in order to master the art of public speaking:

  1. Take Help from Toastmasters

Toastmasters International is a non-profit educational organization that provides help to anyone and everyone who want to improve their public speaking and communication skills. Toastmasters International has thousands of clubs all around the world. It is one the most reliable and trusted methods through which you can learn public speaking effectively. They will help you improve your grammar and your confidence.

  1. Join any Kind of Performing Arts

Performing arts is a form of an art that includes dancing, singing, drama, etc. By joining performing arts your self confidence will get better as in this field you need a lot of confidence to perform. Performing arts activities are performed in front of various other people, you might feel nervous at first or get stage fright but you will eventually get the hang of it.

  1. Hire a Tutor

Hiring a personal tutor can also help you with public speaking as they will boost your self esteem so that you don’t stammer when you are on the stage. But you have to make sure the tutor is experienced and is reliable. Tutors can help you by teaching you how to gather and organize your thoughts and how to put your ideas into words in front of a whole crowd. They can help you relate to the audience as that will make your public speaking better.

  1. Practicing in front of the Mirror

One of the most effective and easy way to improve your public speaking skills is practicing in front of the mirror. This way you won’t get embarrassed and can judge yourself on the basis of that. By judging your performance you can motivate yourself to do better. Start with your bathroom or your bedroom mirror. With time you will notice improvement and it will help you get better.

  1. Understanding your Environment and Audience

You need to know who you are going to speak in front of and where you are going to speak before any public speaking opportunity. By knowing your audience you can make out what they would want to hear and what they expect out of you. The location also affects your speaking so it is better to know the location of the event where you will be speaking.

  1. Focus on your Strengths

Everyone has weaknesses, even the best public speakers as well as politicians. You just need to overcome your vulnerabilities and focus on your strengths. Think about the things you are best at and start working on that, don’t try something that you think you will not be able to do. Identify the area that you are good at and work on it. It can be anything storytelling or you might have great sense of humor, you only need to find out what it is.

  1. Your Appearance Will Matter

Your appearance can boost your confidence majorly as you will feel good about yourself because you are looking good. It is said that “when you look good, you feel good”. Your confidence definitely rises if you are dressed well and when you feel good you will always perform the best. So dress your best as “First impression is the last impression”.

  1. Interact with Your Audience

Interacting with your audience is very important as it you will feel less pressure. You can ask them relevant questions and start your speech with a small story. And through this way the audience will get a chance to present their opinions and you can know how your audience thinks.

  1. Be yourself

Some people tend to portray a false image in front of the audience or their professors. But professors and audiences are very experienced and very smart, they get to know when you are being fake. Always be yourself and don’t get influenced from others and put your choices and opinions forward. Always state true facts and maintain eye contact, eye contact is very important. Don’t be over confident, just have a decent attitude.

  1. Do not Over Stress

Don’t over stress before your speech as it will ruin your performance and you will start stammering and forgetting things. Try stress management techniques and always believe in yourself. Practice deep breathing to calm your nerves before your public speaking task if you are feeling nervous. Don’t over think about your speech and take it easy. Add some humor to your speech it will calm you down and will help you in maintaining a flow in the speech.

These tips will help anyone and everyone in improving their public speaking skills. By following these simple steps, you will never be afraid or nervous while speaking in public even if you have to speak in front of the whole country.

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