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Barriers faced by Education Technology today

Technology has become a quintessential part of our lives. Every answer, every language is a click away. It makes sense then that this technology be implemented in the education sector as well, right? Not only to use make the classroom global and dynamic but also since we are preparing the current younger generation to fit into a world that is full of technological winds sweeping in every now and then.

Barriers faced by Education Technology today

Barriers faced by Education Technology today

Well, while a lot of schools around the world have welcomed the change with open arms, making their curriculum both fun and stronger, a lot of schools and educationists still seem to be resisting it. There are a lot of reasons that become barriers to technology combining with education and today we’ll discuss some of them:


Inviting technology to a school means upgrading the schools infrastructure, like adding screens and projectors to all classrooms, a wi fi connection for the entire campus to name a few, and that can mean a lot of funds. Therefore, a major reason why schools lack the initiative to implement the change is lack of funds. The technology is expensive and in a lot cases demands frequent updates.

And while some experts would suggest that schools start a Bring Your Own Device movement, it only complicates the teaching process further because the resource material will first have to be downloaded on each device which can turn out to ba a time consuming task.

Teachers and parents show reluctance

To teach children using technology, first the teachers and parents will have be to educated and that can turn out to be a huge feat. A lot of teachers and parents show reluctance. While teachers lack initiative or are sometimes just too complacent to accept change, parents just want to take their kids away from technology at least in school since they are already addicted to it.

No internet access

This is a big concern with teachers and students. Lack of a network infrastructure becomes a major problem for teachers and students eager to use technology since some districts don’t provide regular internet access.

Insufficient training

A lot of schools have the technological support like devices for the teachers but the teachers lack training and hence don’t feel confident enough to use it to their advantage.

A solution to this would be to train teachers if they are willing to upgrade their performance. In fact it is imperative that teachers, who are the source that pass on knowledge, be familiarized with the changing times and methods of teaching.

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