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Why Students should stay away from anger

  This is one of my favorite topics, and today I have decided to share my views on the negative impacts that anger carries. We experience a lot of feeling in our lifetime, and each of them has particular significance. Love teaches us to sacrifice; hope teaches us to be patient while anger is the most poisonous of all and it never helps us in any way. In fact, anger leads to revenge, which eventually kills the humanity in us. As we grow and maturity comes, we become more calm and tolerant, but in younger years, when the maturity levels…

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Effects of Tax cuts on Small Business in Australia

A number of interesting developments has been introduced by 2015-2016 Federal Budget to the tax landscape of Australia. Number of incentives including two significant tax cuts has been introduced by the Australian government to allow small business to improve their cash flows, encourage competition and growth, and allow for hiring of additional employees. Opinion of the Prime Minister Mr.Abbott said that only the incorporated entities will receive the small business tax cut. There are several ways in which this small business tax cut will be found to be effective as it will help to stimulate investment, job security, generate employment…

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