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Writing A Synthesis Essay For Academics

Writing a Synthesis Essay for academics

Academic task requires fundamental use of synthesizing your ideas on paper, including the research work. This is where you create basic support for your whole study that offers a foundation on which the paper is written. At some point or another, each one of us might have encountered the use of synthesis essay in writing. Apart from just the evaluation purpose, a synthesis essay is also used to formulate your own ideas and thoughts, based on which the entire evidence is objected. It helps develop your critical thinking skills so that you easily become familiarised to the background of your topic.

A synthesis essay helps formulate your main thesis statement for writing, based on which the contents and evidence are provided by the author in their research work. It also helps you to dive into the process of already researched work on the topic so that you can easily collect the key points and present them appropriately in your paper. This will help you shape your thesis more efficaciously. A synthesis essay is usually built on the evidence and facts presented by other researchers that help you to articulate your thoughts and opinions in writing.

Now that you have understood what synthesis essay is, it is time to explore the process for writing the same. Take a look at this blog further to know more about it-

Understand your topic

While learning to write a synthesis essay for academics, it is important to know that your professors while never provide a specific-related topic to you for writing. Instead, they’ll give you a rough idea of what your topic is and how it needs to be covered in your writing. In order to provide a better apprehension on writing, you must understand the topic carefully and identify it accordingly as per the needs of your essay.

Select your sources

After finalizing your topic for writing, get into the research process and find out the sources appropriate for your essay. It is important that you keep track of such sources so that later you may easily find them during referencing. It will also help you in organizing your ideas and presenting your argument in a structured manner.

Formulate your thesis statement

Once you’re done with the research process, now is the time to articulate your main thesis statement for the essay. Depending upon the nature of your topic and the objective of the essay, formulate your thesis statement accordingly as per the type of synthesis essay.

Provide enough evidence to support your statement

Presenting your arguments and evidence for writing is an important part of the synthesis essay that needs to be structured appropriately. This is where your source comes handy that you tracked before during the research process. All you need to do is identify the key points for your essay and then present it as evidence for writing, which needs to be supported based on credible sources.

Make a proper outline for your essay

Now that you have collected all the material for writing make a proper outline for the same to keep things in order. Before you actually dive into the process of writing, take time to prepare your outline, using the information and evidence you have gathered before. Structure your outline as per the needs of your essay and present the information to support your thesis statement.

Write your first draft

With the help of your outline, begin writing with the content of your essay. It is important for you to note that a synthesis essay never gets completed in the first go, you have to prepare a lot of drafts for the same so that it can be easily presented before the evaluator. In order to write a great essay, write and re-write your essay as many times as you want. This will help you evaluate those small mistakes and errors made in your essay.

Revise and add references

Once you’re done with the writing part of your essay, make sure that you revise your content properly to avoid spelling mistakes and grammar errors made in your essay. Since the information is collected based on extensive research, you must cite your references accurately for the content.

Proofread and edit

The final step for writing a synthesis essay for your academics is to proofread and make final edits for the same. It is important that you give the same priority to this stage as given to the writing and research one. Most students tend to avoid this stage in the haste of submitting their essay on time, and this costs them a lot during the evaluation stage. So if you are keen enough to score well in assessments, then perform this stage accordingly to help prepare a flawless essay.

So this was all about the writing structure of a synthesis essay. Hope you find this blog useful for writing one. Apart from this, if you need any kind of academic help for your university essays and assignments, feel free to contact our online essay writing services for professional help and guidance.

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