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5 reasons to join clubs and societies in college

College is the beginning of a great new phase in life. While some dive into the new experience headlong, other want take things slow, settle into it before doing anything else. If you belong to the second category, we’re sure you’ve heard countless time how you need to get more involved in college. We get it, it’s difficult; adjusting to a whole new environment but look at it this way it’s a new opportunity, a chance to reinvent yourself, to challenge yourself. So, why shy?

5 reasons to join clubs and societies in college

5 reasons to join clubs and societies in college

Most colleges are full of clubs and societies focussed on arts, events, photography, sports, film making, drama, you name it! All you have to do is find the society that interests you, where you can hope to meet like minded people, and sign up for it. It’s pretty easy. And if you are still not convinced about why you should join such a group, allow us to give you more reasoning:

It is a great way to meet new people

Of course, you’ll meet people in your classes as well but by being in a club you get to meet a whole different group of people that yo would not have even met otherwise. And you get to learn or hone a skill with them! Knowing more people in college is actually going to broaden your experience. You’ll soon have a new family away from home with these new people.

It helps you build connections

The more involved yo get in college the more people get to know you, and that’s just in terms of peer popularity. You also make connections within the faculty, like with professors, advisors, counsellors and these connections can really come in handy in the long run. These are the people who become your links to scoring internships or even jobs after college. So making a good impression on them and showing them you are serious about your work can be beneficial.

Might give your future a direction

Most students getting into college are not very clear on what they want to do in the future, they only have an inkling. Clubs and societies are your shot to work on this inkling and see if you actually like doing what you are interested in. You can even sign up for numerous subs and societies that interest you and see what is it that you enjoy doing the most. This little experience can become a stepping stone to your future.

College experience looks excellent on the resume

Getting involved in societies and clubs lets a potential employer know that you like to get involved and are ready too work your way to success, instead of sticking to doing the bare minimum. For example being on the planning committee of your college fest lets your employer know that you are capable of leading, handling more than one job at a time and are willing to do way more than you are expected to do.

It’s fun

And all this while it’s fun! You get to do something productive while enjoying and socializing. Clubs are your ticket to a holistic college experience!

So, stop wondering if it’s worth it and dive into your college life headlong!

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