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Educational Apps For Students

Educational Apps for Students

With the growing trends and technological developments in society, we could hardly witness any person without gadgets and bound against the internet. In this contemporary era, each of the industry has expanded its limits towards digital media, where the constant increase in creative and innovative apps have helped students boost their learning process for studying. Some of us have made our lives so dependent towards these apps and their digital world, that our lives would mean nothing if it doesn’t existed. The same notion applies in academic life as well, where students have made themselves struck towards this digital arena that they cannot live without some apps that helped them with learning.

Here’s a list of those important yet beneficiary apps for students that have not only made the students’ life easier but are also changing the bounds of evolution in academics with their unique learning concepts and ideas. Take a look at this blog further to know more about it-

Google drive

This is the safest place for all your academic documents and files. Google Drive creates a backup of all your important documents and files by offering 15GB free storage for the data. You can easily share this data across Gmail, Google photos and Google drive. Students can also collaborate with their classmates or team members to share documents, files and other sheets for group study sessions and various other subject projects. With the help of the device camera, you can also scan your required documents for academic projects.


With the help of this online tool, you can effectively compose outstanding essays and articles for your assignments, and check your grammatical mistakes for the same. Grammarly is not just a simple spell-check tool; rather, it perfects the toning of your entire content with a better presentation. You can grammatically correct your social media posts, emails, and other important content before sending it to others.


If you want to get some motivation to work, then you’ve surely landed on the right platform where you’ll get to hear from thousands of motivational speakers in more than 100 different languages. While hearing to these motivational speakers, you can develop a better understanding on certain subjects and academic areas and improve your reasoning and critical thinking power. It is not just limited to some academic aspects or boundaries; students can make great use of it to get additional information on the changing trends and other on-going debates in society.


This app allows you to expand your academic bounds to a virtual world of learning. Here, academic life isn’t just limited to some book knowledge or information; rather, you can also gain additional knowledge on different subject areas and learn useful skills to enhance your learning. Coursera allows you to access more than 2000 courses, whose specialization is offered by around 140 reputed institutions and professionals in the field. The learning experience that you develop from this app helps advance your career and future opportunities by mastering the subject you love.


If you’re looking for a single place for everything, then Evernote is the best app for you. From compiling projects to organizing meetings and preparing your to-do-list, everything can be easily accessed on any device from one single platform. You can easily sync your entire device with the help of this app to tackle the items on the go. The only motive of this app is to make the student’s life easier and much more comfortable in the field of learning and acquiring knowledge.

Oxford dictionary

This app isn’t just limited to academic life for students, but also to professional and other related aspects who demand an authoritative and comprehensive dictionary in hand. With the help of this app, students get to save a lot of time by not turning over the pages to find a specific word for learning.

Microsoft Office lens

This app allows students to let scan their academic handouts and other related documents for learning. You can also convert those files into PDF in order to retrieve them when required. You can also call it a pocket scanner, which helps students save a lot of time by allowing them to save the scanned files and documents into OneDrive or OneNote.

So, these were some essential academic apps for students that can make their life easier at learning and acquiring knowledge for different subjects. Apart from this, if you require any kind of academic help regarding your college assignments or projects, feel free to contact our online assignment writing services for professional help and guidance.

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