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Making your mind Mindful – Mindfulness exercises

We live in a whirlwind world, fleeting from one phase to another with hardly any time to savor the moment, let alone appreciate it. It is quite obvious then that most of us lose ourself in our busy routines barely conscious of our thoughts and actions any more. Stress and anxiety are part of the package of a busy life and they tend to become a constant in our minds, no matter how much we want to get rid of them.

This is probably the reason that Mindfulness has become the need of the hour. Incase you are wondering, Mindfulness is a state of mental consciousness, a state of active attention on the present. The idea is to become conscious of your thoughts and feelings instead of letting them pass you pass by. It is a great way to living in the present and awakening to experience.

Making your mind Mindful - Mindfulness exercises

Making your mind Mindful – Mindfulness exercises

Today we have some some Mindfulness exercises for you that you can add to your life. We know it’s difficult to make the time but you can start small, say like with 10 minutes and then keep increasing the duration as you go with it.

Mindful breathing

All you need to do  is clear your mind of all thoughts, don’t worry about your pending project or how late you are running for work, close your eyes and focus on your breath. Purposefully watch your breath as you inhale, let the air become a part of you and then you exhale.

Do this for a couple of minutes in the beginning and see the magic for yourself. Gradually you can make it a bigger part of your routine.

Mindful observation

This one is a simple activity to rouse your senses to things that you tend to miss in a rush. Pick out an object from nature, it could be a flower or even a cloud, and focus all thoughts of this object as you observe it. Simply relax and visually explore the object for as long as your concentration allows. Notice its formation let your energy connect with its energy.

Mindful listening

So much of what we hear or see every moment is influenced by past experience, so the idea of this exercise is to develop a neutral present awareness. Select a piece o music that you’ve never heard before, make you sure you have as little information about it as possible, and then close your eyes and lose yourself in it. Don’t allow yourself to wonder about the genre or the artist, instead let yourself unwind what the music is saying to you. Try to discover different aspects of the music without judging if you like it or not.

The idea here is to listen without letting any preconceptions rule your senses.

Mindful appreciation

What you have to do here is notice 5 things throughout your day that you would have missed otherwise. These five things could be about things like how your kettle works or about people how the postmen delivers mail. At the end of the day you note them in a diary.

The point of this exercise is to simply appreciate the little things of life that we forget to notice. After you have noted your five things for the day, make sure you find out as much as possible about them, like how they work, what is their purpose etc. Figure out how these things and people get linked to your life and support it without you realizing.

Mindful immersion

The idea here is to become completely involved with a routine task that you’d usually just want to get over with. For example – if you are cleaning your house, instead of going by it like it’s a usual task, become conscious of it. Notice how you go about the actions, feel the motion, sense your muscles.

Instead of constantly thinking about finishing the task you make it a new experience by fully immersing yourself in it.

Try these exercises to drain the drain out of your life. And for all plagiarism free assignments, contact us at

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