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A Comprehensive Grammar Guide For Students

A comprehensive Grammar Guide for Students

We all are familiar with the days when it was just hard to pass our English exams, all because of that grammar structures and process. So, it simply means that grammar isn’t a very convenient subject for most students, and there’s a good reason for it. Grammar is no rocket science; it’s an art of studying words and how to use them appropriately. This is the main reason why students find it difficult to remember something that has no scientific explanation or things that go beyond the bounds of reasoning.

However, good grammar skills can help students in multiple ways, not just in their academic life but in future prospects as well. It helps you to communicate your thoughts to another person without being misunderstood. It helps in identifying your subject matter authority.

By now, you might have got the notion of how meticulous of task it is, yet so important in academic as well as professional aspect.

There’s a standard set of rules and procedures that are to be accepted by people over time for learning grammar. However, with small changes, it is tweaked to be made more understandable.

Here we have shared some of the best online resources for students to help them get better at their grammatical skills and work comprehensively for their academic assignments. As there will always be some days where relying on rules of grammar wouldn’t simply work. In that case, it’s just easier to take help from a couple of guides and then proceed further.

Grammar book

One of the most useful guides for anyone looking up for some random grammatical stuff and its standard norms is a grammar book. It can be either about the use of nouns and pronouns or usage of parenthesis; well, no worries, it consists of it all. With the help of such guides, individuals get to clarify their doubts with its compilation of the most commonly asked questions by students.


We can say that this one is quite similar to a grammar book. However, the only difference here might be its online representation, i.e., it comes as an online grammar checkbook. With the help of its free version, any individual can write on it with the most common mistakes being highlighted in their document. The user gets the chance to understand the mistakes and then rectify them. What’s more commendable about this application is that it assigns a score for each of your documents on how well your content is structured in terms of its grammar.

EF English grammar guide

This one is extremely helpful to help students understand their grammar concepts appropriately. Once you are aware of the weak areas of your grammar, make use of this guide further to get in-depth knowledge about various grammar topics. It is very useful for students, especially for ones who make silly mistakes in their documents.


By providing a deeper understanding of each grammar subject, this website comes as an effective tool for students. From using pronouns properly to employing the verbs rightly, it has done much more than you have actually witnessed. The best thing about this website is its inclusivity. They usually talk about plural nouns, common nouns, and every other doubt that is somehow related to pronouns.

Illinois edu

When it comes to eliminating the most frequently committed grammatical mistakes, this guide comes in handy. Illinois edu is one such website that is popularly known for its features like writing topics, ESL (English as a second language) resources, and citation styles. With the use of the ESL feature, students who face difficulty with ENL (English as a native language) are given the opportunity to handle their academic pressure appropriately with effective implementation.

So, these were all those effective applications or websites that help students work better on their grammatical skills for the better compilation of their academic assignments. Apart from this, if you ever need help regarding your English assignments or essays, feel free to contact our online assignment writing services for professional help and guidance.

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