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5 must visit websites for students

The world we live in has become multi dimensional, thanks to the internet! In makes sense that we as individuals have to become multi dimensional as well to cope with and to fit into this world that requires its denizens to be limitless and multi skilled.

The brilliant news is that the internet has also become the avenue that makes these services reachable to all. That means all you need is a computer and an internet connection, along with commitment enough to cut down your Facebook time, to learn anything.

5 must visit websites for students

5 must visit websites for students

MakeMyAssignments today has a list of websites that can help you grow as a student:


An online education company with courses – specializations, degrees etc – in every field from technology to literature to medicine to business to programming and so on. The company has tie ups with Universities and other organizations which means the courses are designed and taught by experts from some of the most popular colleges in the world. You get the perfect classroom experience, with assignments and presentations evaluated by peers, which again can be great exposure. What’s more? After completing a course you get a certificate from the organizer!

Khan Academy

The website has courses for students of high school and college on subjects like art, history, physics, algebra, economics etc, all available for free. Again the lectures are designed by experts and then made into videos and use loads of graphics and visual aid to explain concepts.


This platform is slightly different from the above two. This is a website for questions. On any topic! All you have to do is sign up and ask a question and it will be organized based on subject and answered by people either interested in the subject or by experts. If you are too shy to ask the questions then you can just read the popular curiosities of your field of interest. So, you gain knowledge, interact with experts (sort of), all in a fun way on Quora.


Preparing for competitive exams? This one is your savior. It is the most effective vocabulary building website that uses flashcards as the primary tool of learning. You can build your own vocabulary list or search one out of the thousands available. Once you’ve chosen a list, there are several methods to help you practice, like multiple choice and other study games. It is effective and lots of fun!


This is the treasure trove of motivational speeches by the best people in the fields of entertainment, business, technology. They are very short video, 20 minutes or less, promoting out of the box thinking and unconventional ideas. It is a powerhouse for brilliant ideas, giving brilliant minds a stage.

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