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Things never to do in college?

If you are soon going to college we’re sure you have plenty of plans, maybe even a bucket list of things you want to accomplish in the first semester. And you’re constantly getting suggestions from people as to what to add to your bucket list. You’re constantly surrounded by other people’s stories of college adventures and misadventures. Today however we’ve decided to take a different road and to help you prepare for college, we have a list of things you must definitely refrain from doing all through your college career. here they go:

Things never to do in college

Things never to do in college

Never pull an all – nighter

Staying up all night severely affects your mental health as well as your immune system. it has a negative impact on your ability to concentrate, analyze, your patience and your sense of perspective. The slightest of things tend to make you irritated, even angry, you feel exhausted all the time and have to depend on coffee a lot and you tend to steer towards negativity. It makes coping with life all the more complex so best avoid it all costs.

Never go against your gut

Your instinct is right on way more occasions than you give it credit for, it is after all a collection of subconscious experience. So if your gut says that something doesn’t feel right, don’t be afraid to bail. Be it a course that you are studying, a professor, or the group of people you are associating with. Trust your gut in these decisions, they will affect you for a long, long time.

Never lie to your professor

As convenient or helpful lying can seem to get out of a bad situation, try to avoid it. It’s better to submit an assignment late than make fake excuses to save yourself. Losing some marks for telling the truth is always better than risking expulsion or failure or even loss of credibility for the rest of your time in college.

Never miss the payment on your rent/ credit card

As tempting as it is to go crazy with that plastic card, learn to restrain yourself. It is time to learn to be responsible about your money as well as payment deadlines now that you are living on your own.

Never take things too lightly nor too seriously

College only happens once, so yes we get it that you want to make the most of it. And it’s important to enjoy this time of your life but it’s also important to maintain a balance, using your wit to make conscious, well thought of decisions. This is the beginning of the rest of your life so maintaining a rational approach when making any decisions is important.

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