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How to become a morning person?

Most people are allergic to mornings and students even more so. But it’s a state that can be changed. Yes, it’s very important to get proper sleep, but it’s also as important to seize the day and getting the morning right can really help you have a productive rest of the day. You’ll find yourself a lot more relaxed and prepared for your day if only you set up a morning routine. It’ll help you in your academic career as well as personal life. So follow these tips and get ahead in your game:

How to become a morning person?

How to become a morning person?

Set a bedtime routine

Well if you thought bedtime was a childhood thing, think again. It’s actually healthy for your body to have a set bedtime routine, it helps you form normal sleep habits and helps you wake up on time. Follow a routine long enough and you won’t even need an alarm to get you up in the morning.

Keep your alarm away from your bed

Do you wake up at the first alarm ring? Well congratulations (even though we don’t believe you)! The snooze button is a much more tempting option for most people. To avoid it set up your alarm at a distance from your bed so you actually have to get up to shut it up. It’s a great way to ensure you wake up at the first ring, it’s going to take some persuasion to do though, so start convincing yourself.

Set a favorite song as your alarm

Because you don’t want to get up in a foul mood. Having the right kind of music can help you wake up on time as well as wake you up in good spirits. Pick a song or playlist that is calm but not lullaby calm, so it can wake you slowly and ready to conquer the day.

Get up the first time you wake up

‘Let me just sleep for 5 more minutes,’ how many times have you said that before rolling over to the other side and going to sleep for another hour. Instead try to get up the moment your eyes open, even if it’s before your alarm rang. It will be difficult at first but try to make this a habit.

Open your curtains

Sleep with your curtains or blinds open so that the sunshine can come pouring in first thing in the morning. This will automatically prepare your brain that it’s time to wake up.

Create a morning ritual

Wake up earlier that necessary so you can make coffee, read the newspaper, watch the news, or hit the gym, do some yoga or anything that helps you relax before you head to class or work. Take your time getting ready instead of rushing out the door without eating breakfast. You’ll feel prepared and ready to tackle the day if only you approached it without too much of a rush.


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