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How can I get high grades in math exam?

Firstly take a deep breath, and relax, you are not the only one who is stuck with math. According to research, there are a large number of students across the globe that experience anxiety, stress, and exhaustion due to math. Even some call this state as ‘Mathematical Anxiety.’

Students often find mathematics as a tough subject and develop depression due to the inability of not coping well in exams. This often dwells student in a vicious circle where less understanding of the subject attaches stress. Not paying attention to the classes, and less knowledge of the subject often results in a poorly attempted assignment for the student. This further leads to less or bad grades for students which also increases their level of stress.

We cannot deny the fact that the grading system in academics plays a considerable role in determining the future of students. Hence, it becomes important to address the concern over stress and develop a strategy that works for it. Develop a feasible, practical plan and maintain consistency to achieve success in life. Try to focus more on working smart than working hard.

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To help students get good grades in mathematics subject, we have mentioned some of the simple steps that can work out as a plan for you-

Phase 1: Classroom

Even if you do not understand the lesson taught in class, you need to be 100% attentive and take down proper notes. Students should not pose any kind of excuse during their mathematics class. If you pay attention in your class, in a few days, you would surely notice a change in yourself. You will understand the concepts better and will be able to solve the equations more quickly. The examples and references provided by teachers in the classroom are the ones that would be hard to find in the books. In case of any confusion, consult your professors and ask them for help if you need some.

Mark your active participation during the teaching sessions, whether it includes asking questions or answering some. Be a part of class discussions and debates to encourage your future understanding. Talk to your fellow classmates in case of any doubt and discuss the topic if you need some clarification.

Never leave any doubt unresolved, and seek clarification for the same from your teachers and professors. A classroom is the best place that can help you grow strong in your math. Never hold back your queries, and raise questions amongst the class with full confidence. Pay attention to other students’ queries as well; you may be able to learn a new concept out of it. Make a separate notebook to write notes of what the professor is teaching or writing during the lectures. These notes can be very helpful during your exams.

Phase 2: At Home

Mathematics is a subject that requires your daily practice and efforts. You need to be consistently indulged in the practice session to improve your skills. Always try to complete your assignments sincerely. Never underestimate the importance of assignments and practice at home. At times, you may feel that you have understood the concept, and you do not require any practice for it. And this could be the biggest mistake. Mathematics is not just learning about the concepts taught in the classroom; it is more about practice.

Self-Study is a must form of practice; this will build you the confidence for the subject, and slowly, you could witness the chain of growth to it as well. Allot a particular practice time for this subject and give a proper commitment to it.

Maintain a neatly kept practice notebook for this subject, as this might be helpful for your exams if you are referring for it while practicing. With consistent practice, gradually, you will learn the skills to identify patterns.

Phase 3: Attain Excellence

Though the self-study is the best practice but to attain proficiency, you may join different study groups or Math clubs. One can easily find these groups or clubs within the university or institute. The main aim of these groups is to inform people and help them understand things better. We can also say that a group of people working together on a subject will disperse better knowledge than a single one. Hence, you may understand the concepts better.

The best way to attain excellence in this subject is by involving others, by assisting others who might help you in the same manner when you need assistance. Discuss your problems with others and try to solve it together. Solving the questions together might help you to consider different perspectives and patterns for a single one; thus, better learning.

Phase 4: Final Preparation

Remember there is no substitute for hard work, so work diligently. Make sure you check all of the things a night before the exam. Over-practicing and learning at the end might confuse your mind, so sleep well after checking out the reference books. Sleep timely and get early in the morning so that you don’t panic about getting late for the exam. Believe in yourself and get ready to clear your exams with high grades. Attempt your exam with full confidence and don’t take stress about it. Make sure you revise the whole paper before submitting it to the invigilator to avoid mistakes.

Stay calm during the exams, and make sure that things are not done in haste. Everything needs to be done carefully, so stay confident about it. Eat well and sleep timely to memorize things that you learn.







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